Emmett Feldman to Judge @ Cut & Paste Awards!
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Mek’s very own Director of Motion Design, Emmett Feldman, has been invited to judge this year’s Cut & Paste Digital Design Awards. If you have ever watched anything that blew your mind in any of Mekanism’s mograph work (dancing pixelated lego men, crazy psychedelic exhaust pipes on bicycles, etc), odds are Emmett was the one in charge. A great synopsis of the event by Going SF:

“Take the best of a city’s 2D, 3D, and motion designers and throw them on a stage, with judges hovering, music blaring, minutes ticking down on the clock, a fast-talking MC on the mic, and their reputations on the line. Add to that a tech setup that registers every mouse click and tapped command from each designer’s workstation and projects them live and in real time on one of the large-scale displays in full view of the audience, and you have the Digital Design Tournament in a nutshell. With all eyes on their every move, these designers aren’t just showcasing their talents as a live performance—they’re competing for the bragging rights and gunning for the prize.”

Emmett will be judging the (surprise!) Motion Design portion this Saturday, February 28th at The Galleria in the SFDC. Information below on where to go to enjoy the festivities, just click through for the goods.

Emmett’s work has been featured in numerous publications and spaces including the SF MOMA, IdN, Boards, Siggraph, and Resfest. We’re delighted to be a part of something that so many talented folks are involved in. Congrats, Emmett!

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