Axe and Mekanism Start Pranking People Together. Lovingly.
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We got lucky (not that way, get your head out of the gutter). We CRAVE working with great companies who like to fly off the rails creatively and well, just in general, and we were fortunate enough to sync up with the good folks over at Axe to create a multi-platform campaign called The Fixers for the global relaunch of their “mood transformation” line of body wash and deodorant.

The campaign spans digital and traditional media, and kicked off at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival with an exclusive screening of a short directed by our very own ringleader, Tommy Means. Keep an eye out for the broadcast spots, the print ads, and the microsite that are all rolling out as one big ol’ experience. But really, we think you will enjoy It serves up stand-alone entertainment, as well as a fantastic way to just sit around and prank the crap out of people you like, and/or don’t like through a few clicks of “the internets”.

The Fixers Site

A shout out to all who worked on this, and we’re pretty sure there are a billion trillion of you who we are talking to. Thanks for all the love that was poured into this puppy, and thanks to Axe for being funny enough to want to prank the bejesus out of people with us. Now go. Click. Prank. Click Prank.

(If you were a good link follower, that last sentence would be funny to you. Don’t you feel left out yet?)

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5 Responses to “Axe and Mekanism Start Pranking People Together. Lovingly.”

  1. Sandman Gahan Says:

    Way to crush it.

  2. Richard Says:

    The blog looks amazing! (and not just because I designed it)

    I’ve also been getting great feedback from friends who’ve seen the Axe stuff floating around the internet! Awesome stuff!

  3. giba Says:

    this campaign is terrible.
    am sure that is client fault.

  4. andre Says:


  5. Holt Says:

    Love it!

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