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Green Screens and “Wait, Did They Plan That?” Photos
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Jason Warne of Goodby and Tommy Means, Mekanism’s founding partner and director, in LA last week on a green screen shoot.

Tommy and Jason Warne

Oh, and the green screen stuff we shot is going to be pretty damn cool. We just can’t tell you about it…yet. Stay tuned.

(Sounds mysterious, right? That’s the plan…that’s the plan…)

Are you there Blog? It’s me, Kate
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Kate DuBose, our lovely studio manager-slash-bookkeeper, is scared of the future.  And by the future, I mean the internet.  Apparently, we work at a company that does a lot of work on the internet, so the juxtaposition there is pretty ridiculous if you sit down and talk to her about it.  And I did.  These are the hilarious things that were established. (FYI, this is almost verbatim. That’s the best part.)

Things Kate Accepts On The Internet:

Fail Blog – “Fail Blog is my favorite thing on the internet. Besides celebrity gossip blogs.  I guess I like blogs?”

Instant Messaging – “IM is the one thing that is technological that I am good at!  It’s like text messaging, and I love text messaging!  Ugh, but I hate devices.” (Yes, she calls her phone a device.)

Looking up words on the online dictionary” – I would elaborate on this, but I was really impressed that this was a “technology” that Kate was excited about.

Things Kate Does Not Accept On The Internet:

YouTube – Only accepted by Kate in the form of a direct link to hilarious content.  Otherwise, “YouTube is scary and overwhelming.  Like a flea market.  I hate flea markets.” (Kate hates a lot of things.)

Facebook: “I am not on Facebook.  It’s just the newer acceptable way to stalk people, right?”

Twitter: “As far as I can tell, it’s like a giant text message to the world.  Maybe I would love that?  Or maybe that would be really dangerous.”

Flash: “I don’t know what that is. So obviously, I don’t like it.” (We could link to just about ANY Mekanism website, they pretty much all use Flash.)

Buffering“: “What the hell is buffering?  I don’t know what it is, but it stops my TV shows so I hate it.”

Most of the internet, in general“: I’m not even sure what to say about that quote.

Beyond this, Kate is close to liking iTunes, but seeing as she has had the same iPod Nano for four years and still hasn’t figured how to get music on or off of it, she’s not quite ready to commit.  For now she’s decided to stick to the digital jukebox at the bar, possibly the most futuristic “device” she can handle.

Oh, but the ironic twist? Kate supplied the voice for a successful iPhone app, “The Perfect Girl.” Did Kate like the app? “Eh, I don’t get that stuff.”


(For the purposes of getting a picture, we looked up Kate’s ‘Friendster’ account…that she accidentally made five years ago. Just to hammer home the point.)

We’re on a BOAT
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This past Sunday, the Mekanistas capitalized on SF’s insanely perfect weather by taking a day out on the bay on a lovely sailboat. Sausalito, Angel Island, the Bay Bridge…it was all pretty good looking, we have to admit.

Who knew Elizabeth Morse, producer extraordinaire is apparently captain worthy? Pictures tell a better story, so have a look.

(Sidenote: Dave Cole almost fell off the boat. It was just worth noting.)