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Spring brings April showers, May flowers, and conferences
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In the past month, Mekanism staff have been to SXSWi, Web 2.0 Expo, MI6, and at the end of this month will be participating in the fun at ad:tech San Francisco.

It’s been said that some of these events, SXSWi in particular, are played out because they’ve grown so large that they’ve turned into the equivalent of Geek Spring Break.

While it’s true that we met a number of SXSWi attendees who had taken time off from work and paid their own way to the conference, if anything this type of dedication demonstrates the type of enthusiasm that’s so prevalent and infectious throughout the near week-long conference. These events bring together the brightest and most engaged minds in the industry and we’re here to participate; to listen, learn, and talk. We’d love to connect the next time we’re out.

We’d love to grab a drink with you next week if you’re in San Francisco for ad:tech, April 21-23.

Tuesday, 4/21, is booked with non-stop events; starting out at the Moscone Center West where the first couple of events of the evening are being hosted. There’s an Affiliate Marketing Networking Party, 5:30-7:30 p.m, and then the ad:tech/SF BIG soiree, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Later in the evening it’s onto the Advertising 2.0 Party, hosted by AD-Village, Microsoft BizSpark, and Skittles, starting at 8:30 p.m. at the W Hotel (181 3rd Street).

And on Wednesday, 4/22, we’ll be at The Official Wednesday night (ad:tech) SF 2009 Event, hosted by Redbull Cola and Notable.TV, and held at Aventine (582 Washington Street).

Let us know where you’ll be by following us on Twitter and we’ll come find you. It’s what all the cool kids are doing (and we like you cool kids). We’ll buy the first round.

And Mom Said Video Games Would Get You Nowhere
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It turns out burning our eyes out with Asteroids and Super Mario Bros. growing up was the right idea.

This coming Wednesday, April 8th, San Francisco will play host to the 4th Annual MI6 Conference. Focusing on how marketing drives the fundamental monetization of Video Game IP, the conference will explore new and innovative ways game publishers, studios, and consoles are increasing revenues across traditional and non-traditional spectrum.

4th Annual MI6 Conference

Our own Jason Harris (President/EP/Prolific “Rockband” Getty Lee impersonator) will be there to discuss the past year’s most innovative video game-based advertising, marketing and creative communications. He is speaking with a crowd of some very intelligent industry folks, and we’re humbled and excited to be a part of a group of such creative and innovative people.

If you’re going to be there we’d love to talk to you about where content is going…and discuss opportunities to play “Tom Sawyer” on expert level if you are ever near our office. (Jason gets to sing. It’s non-negotiable)

Yeah, I know. Spiderman Breakdancing. Your Mind Was Just Blown.

YouTube Leveraging Google Social Graph
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Is YouTube looking to leverage your social graph to encourage sharing to expand their usage?

It would seem that way.

YouTube has been making a ton of changes over the last couple months, from minuscule design changes to drastic ones, such as changing their default viewing page from most viewed to the ambiguous ‘most popular’.

However, in the last two months Google has been tying YouTube users to their Gmail accounts more and more. I believe that the next logical step will be to enable YouTube users to tap into Gmail contacts without ever having to leave the site – no more cut and paste url’s, users pull up their contact list without ever leaving YouTube.

It’s likely the changes Google has been making are a symptom of the social tie-ins that are to come. Here’s a quick recap of the YouTube/Gmail integrations that have occurred so far:

* January 2009, YouTube made changes so that “If you receive (or send) a link to a video in a chat [gchat] message, you’ll see a preview of the video right in your chat window.”

* Early March 2009, a new feature was added to Gmail so that videos that are emailed will show up inside your messages.

* Late March 2009, YouTube and Gmail made it easier to log in with your Google credentials, “If you have your YouTube account associated with your Google account, you no longer have to go to a separate page to log in to YouTube with your Google account information. It’s all in one place at sign-in.”

Google has also added the ability for users to send an invite to YouTube with a  personalized note to a username or email address.

Considering people love to share YouTube videos, it makes sense to more closely tie contact lists to the site. YouTube has already hinted as much – recently stating, “The process of connecting with your friends on YouTube will see some bigger improvements soon.”

The ‘share’ template YouTube currently uses (pictured below) is perfectly set up to call up user’s Gmail contacts, much in the same way Google Docs already does. For those who are not familiar with Google Docs, it’s a web service that lets users create word and excel files in the cloud and easily share them via email and with pre-existing Gmail contacts.

YouTube Google Docs

YouTube contacts Google Docs contact list

With expensive premium content deals on the way and Google’s need to get a return on its multi billion-dollar investment, monetizing YouTube has become a top priority.

An integrated Gmail/YouTube will allow more relevant advertising, benefiting Google and marketers who are looking to more effectively target their audience by encouraging sharing among user’s social graph.