Bollynism out in NY
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Mekanism was asked by The One Club — the advertising industry’s most prestigious awards competition — to create the promotional videos that will be used during the One Show Interactive ceremony tonight.

This year’s theme is Bollywood and we got our hands on a pretty badass Phantom HD High Speed camera to film super-slow motion moments based on archetypical Bollywood film world characters. Honestly, life just looks cooler in slow-motion.

One Show Interactive – Friday May 8th, 2009 from OneshowTV on Vimeo.

Capturing 1000 fps, video taken on the Phantom lets the viewer take a closer look at the small details of highly dramatic moments. We used bright, solid-colored backgrounds to focus attention on each cast member and their role in the mini-drama. And you have no idea how cool a hand slap looks in 1000 fps. The edgy, interpretive storyline is an ideal representation for the type of work being honored by the One Show.

It’s been fun seeing the videos playing in Times Square all week. A little surreal.

Scott Barry directed the shoot in Los Angeles. Some pictures from the shenanigans to follow.

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    […] videos @mekanism created for One Show Interactive played in Times Square deleting this ep of @Oprah : Bollywood dancing, Chinese pop singer, blonde violinsts, german […]

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