Not To Be Confused With The Other Company Spelling The Word Incorrectly
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So you’d think for sure that we had cornered the market on companies spelling the word “mechanism” wrong.

Apparently, there is a skateboard company named “Mekanism” as well. And it causes for an interesting confusion every now and again, as a few years ago we made a few custom longboards for some friends with a design by our own Emmett Feldman.  And we’re pretty sure a guy on craigslist is selling one under the assumption that it was made by our fellow typo-inclined buddies.

Chris, thank you for noting that it is made of “good” wood as opposed to “bad” wood. Which many boards are made with. That is a LARGE guarantee you are offering as well (It will NEVER break. Bold statement)! It is a rare design, we’ll give you that.

We’re really not sure if Chris has any idea if this is for the actual Mekanism Skateboarding company or the “We Don’t Make Skateboards” Mekanism, but either way we’ll take it. Thanks for the possibly accidental love, buddy! If you sell it, can we get a cut?

Here’s a link to the CL post if you want to buy our skateboard. His shag carpet looks sweet.

The Longboard

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