Jason Goes To Comic-Con
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Last weekend I went to Comic-Con in San Diego. The main purpose of my visit was to kidnap Megan Fox (my wife was well aware of the plan, and actually encouraged it). Being a fanboy, comic geek and amateur photographer, I thought…what’s the worst thing that could happen? I get a photo of Megan Fox while dressed up as C-3PO and maybe I come away with a rap sheet? Not a bad way to kill a Saturday.

My wife’s sister works for one of those pop culture magazines that always have “Are They Too Skinny?” headlines on the cover.  So, I got hooked up with a press badge, and with my camera in tow I hit the convention floor. The first thing I noticed was how much time and energy the attendees put into their costumes. Most of them are impressively homemade and creative. It felt like burning man for people that are really really good at Sudoku.

Most of the guys just get into acting and fully dive into character, while the women try to get the fanboys to drool while they pose for pictures. While snapping a few of these Comic Con women, I determined that they fall into four nice and neat categories.

1.    Hot girls in Hot costumes (think Carrie Fischer in the 70’s)

Case In Point.

2.    Hot girls in Not Hot costumes (maybe a character from Battlestar)

3.    Not Hot girls in Hot costumes (Xena or Xmen)

And of course, the dreaded…

4.    Not Hot girls in Not Hot costumes (Alien Vs. Predator)

After all the photo sessions, I attempted to seek out some valuable comics to look at. I found two incredible ones, the first Action Comics (first comic book to have a super hero…valued at close to 300k) and Amazing Fantasy, which introduced Spider Man.


After geeking out, I decided to put the press badge to good use and go to a press conference. I thought an appropriate one would be Heroes. It was packed with about 5,000 fans there to meet the cast.  Against my moral compass, I snuck into the hearing impaired section in the front row of the conference (hey, it was almost empty).  I pretended to watch the girl doing sign language (she was wearing a Stargate Atlantis outfit and was a category #3).  I was in awe of the cast; Zach Quinto (Sylar) was hilarious and Hayden Panettiere actually seems like a cheerleader you would want to save.

The Cast of Heroes

Some other highlights: I met Ray Bradbury, talked with a father and son stormtrooper family, saw Michael Jacksons (RIP) glove from the victory tour and grabbed a diet coke with a very convincing toxic avenger.

Storm Trooper Father and Son: See? You ARE normal!

Alas, I was able to keep my ¾ sailing rope and duct tape socked away in my backpack as I never did run into Megan Fox. But I did however manage to bump into my childhood idol, an incredibly fit and partially deaf Lou Ferrigno.  He even let me take a picture with him.  I am not so sure my wife would have been happy if I brought home the Hulk, but hey Megan…there is always Comic Con 2010.

Picture 2

*Editor’s note: Jason wouldn’t have actually done that to Megan Fox. But if she asked nicely, he would have taken her to dinner.

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4 Responses to “Jason Goes To Comic-Con”

  1. brandon Says:

    This is a great post, Jason. Love the photo detail, etc. Starting to think that SF might be a hotbed of category threes?

  2. brandon Says:

    …err, category FOURS.

  3. Kristen Says:

    JASON! I will help you next year.

  4. max Says:

    did you tell the hearing-impaired lou ferigno that you sat in the hearing-impaired section at Heroes? i think he would have turned green at the thought.

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