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Star Wars Calls. We Make Chewbacca Noises. High Five. Then We Make A Website.
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Star Wars in Concert

So we were dreaming last night. You know, hanging out with George and the gang over at the ranch, and we thought, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if someone made a gigantic concert revolving around the Star Wars movies? You know, symphony orchestra and chorus, the nines. Oh, and gigantic lasers and video footage of the original films in the background. We also wished for the woman from Weird Science to become real. Oh, and then wished for the ability to fly. Those felt like a stretch, though, so we just stuck to the hope of the gigantic musical.

So it turns out we weren’t dreaming and the people over at Another Planet Entertainment and Lucasfilm made it happen. And then they called us and asked us to make a website promoting it. That was a tough decision, considering at least two people at the company own fake light sabers.

Introducing Star Wars In Concert.

Boasting some of the largest LED screens ever taken on a tour, the show figures to be a tad bit mind-blowing (please reference the mind blowing photo below). The site we’ve built gives you everything you need to know about the experience…great interviews, tour dates, and furthermore, if you leave it up in your browser, you can listen to the theme song over and over again. Which, we’re pretty sure, is the only theme song that you’d EVER want to do this with, due to how fantastic it is. We tried to recreate the exact sensory experience of the show in your little web browser. We hope you enjoy it. Because we’ve been geeking out over it for quite some time.


Star Wars In Concert is an epic multimedia concert experience that should be coming to a city near you if you don’t live in Alaska or, you know…small regions of Canada (no offense Canada, no offense). Check it out and find out when it’s heading your way.

And thanks so much to Lucasfilm and Another Planet. This has been a great project.

May the force be with you. (See what we did there? We made a TERRIBLE joke!)

A Big, All-American Hug from Mekanism
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Adam A America Hug!

Because we can’t hug you all in person, we’ll do it safely over the internet and wish you a very happy 4th of July weekend. Go outside, and we’ll all talk on Monday. Hopefully with a tan. And 3-5 extra lbs that we will all gain and not talk about.

Happy 4th from all of your friends at Mekanism. More specifically, Adam A. Who in no way agreed to us making him the posterchild for America.