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Take Your Daughter To Work Day
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Andre and Tallulah

And that, my friends, is the worst title for a post ever. But well, that’s what the picture is.

Andre and his daughter Tallula at Mek this morning. That’s pretty adorable.

Jason Wants To Speak at SXSWi. A lot.
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Austin, Texas. The home of great BBQ, ridiculously attractive co-eds, that season of The Real World that made people think, “hey, Austin looks like I want to go to there”, and of course, South By Southwest.


(I know, I know. SXSW for all the popular kids)

I know it feels aggressively early to get the voting going, but Jason here is trying to get his panel approved this year. The more people who hit the thumbs up button, the better the chances of that happening are. We like you anyway, but this would probably make us blow off other friends for you.

So click this link below and vote. Now. Do it. Don’t ask questions. Just show blind loyalty. Tell your friends who don’t even know us to do the same. Just pretend it’s high school and all the cool kids are doing it.

Engineer Virality? Art and Science to ‘Going Viral’

To guilt you, we will now show you an adorable picture of his child. DO YOU WANT THIS CHILD TO CRY WHEN HIS DAD ISN’T SELECTED??


Mekanista Profile
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Not all of you know this but Jason Harris, the Prez here at Mek, is a bass player and used to play in a local SF band by the name of Lucy. While the band may have broken up, that hasn’t stopped Jason from continuing to rock out. Here he is practicing for his upcoming one man show. Enjoy:

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