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Our Own Little After School Special
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We’re holding our very first art show in San Francisco this Friday, August 14th at 7pm.

The show is going to feature work from all of our talented artists that we house here…Emmett Feldman, Richard Krolewicz, Tom Westerlin, Adam Avilla, Tony Benna, Courtney Booker, Tony Papesh and a few surprises.

The show is gonna be at 55 Taylor Street (between Golden Gate and Turk). There is a google map right here, we just didn’t want to embed it because it didn’t look that pretty.

We’d love it if you’d come join us, and we’d love it more if you’d RSVP.

(actually, that part is mandatory, just didn’t want to go all dictator on you. so…yeah…RSVP at

Mekanism's After School Special

Happy Birthday, Mr. President
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Because someecards never gets it wrong…

Happy birthday, Obama, from all of us at Mekanism.

(we would have sent this to your email personally, but we just assumed it would bounce or go into your spam folder, which would bum us out)

someecards = genius