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If You Didn’t Want To Go To Denmark Before…
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Karen and the Baby

Is this the part where we all wonder if not *everything* needs to “go viral”?

In a ballsy attempt to create an under the radar promotional campaign for Visit Denmark, Grey Denmark created a fake “are you the father of my baby?” campaign. Let me go over that a little bit more, as understandably, this would make most people wonder what the hell I’m talking about.

So a video goes up. It’s a woman named “Karen” who is holding her baby and asking if, well, maybe you are the guy who passed through Denmark and you know, got an extremely attractive woman pregnant after a great night out. She wants to know if you’re the father OR if you know who is. See what they did there? They name dropped Denmark and the whole time you were too busy thinking, “Hey, she’s pretty attractive, I wouldn’t have minded that night out and now the baby that came with it.” And of course, this was all a fake advertisement for the Visit Denmark campaign.

And I gotta say: smart advertising. Because at the end of the day, like it or not, it worked. I mean, hey, guess what? You’re talking about Denmark and traveling there a lot these past few days because of this campaign. You know what you weren’t talking about a few days ago? Traveling to Denmark. Or how you wake up everyday to a poster of Denmark on your wall, dreaming of the day you’ll get that week or two off to go to the magical place.

And well, here’s what I also gotta say: wow. This is officially other levels of “whatever it takes” advertising. I mean, I’m guessing that’s a tough brief.

Visit Denmark: “We want people to go to Denmark and have a positive association with their memories from that trip.”

Agency: “Can we use vikings?”

Visit Denmark: “No, vikings are played out. And really…’can we use vikings’…really?”

Agency: “Okay, how about Amsterdam.”

Visit Denmark: “Amsterdam isn’t even in Den…look we’ll call you.”

Honestly, sometimes it’s tough to find that off-the-wall-but-tasteful way of getting people to talk about your brand. Really tough. Especially when you aren’t a toothpaste or a deodorant, you’re a country. But you’re a beautiful country, you have great things going for you. And so to get people to come vacation there you are going to…ask them if they got drunk, had a one night stand and maybe had a baby they don’t know about? A bit of a disconnect, no?

Don’t get me wrong: I believe that whether people like it or not, this was successful if only because everyone is or was talking about it. And nowadays, that amounts to something amongst the clutter of content thrown out daily. I just think that this may be a prime example of a moment where we all need to sit down and maybe think about our bloodlust for “virality”. Create good content, promote the value of great creative, and then it will come together. But don’t just force a viral campaign. With an almost creepy Glenn Close “Fatal Attraction” vibe.

There is always a chance to do something good for the client. And while this got buzz, I’m not sure that screaming, “Come to Denmark! Where you get drunk and maybe make a decision that changes your life, but more in terms of financial liability to a child you won’t know you had!” is a good idea. I have a feeling that this is the case, as the video is now pulled from YouTube and an apology was even given. Here’s a quote from a spokesperson at Visit Denmark (via adrants):

“I am very sorry that the film has offended many people, that wasn’t our intention at all. The goal has been to create positive recall of Denmark and create conversations about Denmark. To prevent offending people any further we have removed the film from YouTube.”

Maybe just stick to talking about vikings. Even if it’s played out.

The D-O-G-G and the H-oh-to the R…Wait, This Is Awkward.
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We just launched four spots with the crew over at W+K for ESPN. More importantly we worked with Snoop Dogg, thus fulfilling what was clearly the chosen path of David Horowitz.

More than 1,000% of Mekanism is sad we weren’t able to attend this shoot, which, if you are keeping score at home, is an impossible percentage of us.

Here he is, showing why he has so much street cred. This picture is almost too good to be true. David, you’re so hood.

Unbelievably amazing photo

We Had An Art Show. With Art.
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Tony Benna and his Painting

So I know, I know. We threw an art show at Gray Area Gallery, asked you all to come, and then didn’t even call or write. Or post pictures. It took us a while to find them, but considering it was an open bar, people “lost” some stuff and we found all the pictures now.

The show was amazing. We were truly humbled by the turn out (we’re sure it had nothing to do with the 2 kegs or 10 cases of wine that were kicked…before 11pm) and were equally blown away by the talents of everyone involved. Truly amazing art work. Pretty pumped we employ these people.

People. At an Art Show.

You can find photos of the party and artwork here. Thanks again for coming out. Hopefully we’ll do it again real soon.