Stride Smarterer
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Welcome to the place where excellent creative goes to die.  Our friends at JWT brought us this gem of an idea that chewing makes people smarterer.  And smarterer is no typo. Just the launching pad for pure comedy gold.  We cast NYC based improv comedian Justin James Lang as our tour guide for the Stride Webinars.  Smarterer tips include Jello as a water safety device, rabid bats for car theft protection, and raising awareness of homeless arcade games. Unfortunately somebody in a focus group was offended by the idea of babysitting while high on shoe polish.  Hooray for director cuts!

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9 Responses to “Stride Smarterer”

  1. Brian Says:

    So good.

  2. NN Says:

    “Bats” voted most likely to succeed.

  3. Josh Pyromanic Says:

    That guy isn’t Justin Long. His name is Justin James Lang. Check him out here:

  4. Sage Francis Says:

    Justin James Lang for the win. I think he should consider using the name James Lang, because if he gets confused for Justin Long again I’m going to shit.

  5. DeSantis Says:

    Hey this is a pretty good video and it stars Justin Long.

    Now you have to shit, Sage Francis.

  6. Downtown Dan Says:

    Damn, Mr. Lang these were creative and entertaining. I really enjoyed them and would have really looked forward to new ones. Keep up the hard work man.

  7. Justin James Lang Says:

    That’s funny shoe polish doesn’t get you high..silly focus group. I know cause I tried it on camera. Don’t be fooled by editing and makem ups attempt acting. That baby was cool with it, couldn’t you tell by the smile.

  8. uberVU - social comments Says:

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  9. BiaBia Says:

    Funny in person. Funny on screen. Justin is good things and so are the spots. Good job guys.

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