Tommy Talks About Making People Laugh Their Ass Off at Advertising Week
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Tommy spoke at the “Just For Laughs” Advertising Week panel this past week in New York with a few other teenie-tiny companies called “The Onion” and “College Humor“. The panel was moderated by comedian Susie Essman of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fame. Needless to say, pretty damn exciting to be in such good company.

There’s a great writeup here done by Kate Kaye, but moral of the story is: people like to laugh, and you gotta make them do it quickly if you want to hold their attention. And it’s also nice to know that Tommy said, “On the internet you can go bananas.” Simply because that’s the greatest summary of the internet. Ever.

Congrats to Tommy for holding down the Mek name with such a bright panel. If you’ve met him, you’ll know he held his own. And probably made people laugh their ass off.

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