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Pictures with Olympians, or “Why We Hate Malcolm and Michele”
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I couldn’t decide on a title for this post. It was either “Malcolm and Michele have better jobs than everyone” or “If ‘Travel to Exotic Locations and Film Olympians’ is in the job description, take the job.”

Malcolm Murray and Michele Owen were the lucky (and by lucky we mean “extremely talented”) directing/producing duo we sent out around the world to film some of the Olympians for The Best Of Us Challenge initiative we teamed up on (get it, sports metaphor…hey oh!) with CW United and the IOC. The poor saps had to go to Mallorca, Laussane, Moraco and…Baltimore (sorry Baltimore, you look kind of sad in that sentence). And they were kind/cruel enough to document the whole thing. Sometimes, you realize why you are in production: to shoot pictures and videos of athletes doing cartwheels. Because sometimes, those cartwheels take place in exotic vacation locations. Rough life, kids.

We have posted all of the pictures over on Flickr, check them out if you have some time.

And now, I will post a picture of myself looking like a creepy fan boy next to Michael Phelps. You let me write these blog posts, Mek, you’re gonna get a creepy fan boy picture every now and again. That’s gotta be written down somewhere. Ri…right?

Finally, Hula Hooping is an Olympic Sport!
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A while back, we were approached by C & W United and the International Olympic Committee to help with an initiative that would get kids involved in the Olympic Games.

The obvious answer to this was using YouTube. We hear kids use that these days (and by kids we mean most males in their late twenties to early thirties…just sayin’). Here’s the thing though: kind of ironic if you get kids to watch a video about being active, yet ask them to do nothing but eat popcorn and watch the video, right?

Thus, The Best Of Us Challenge was born, a huge international initiative in which Olympic Athletes personally create video challenges asking kids to try to beat them at some intense things. You know, like putting golf balls with Michael Phelps. Or hula hooping with Lindsey Jacobelis. Or picking up tennis balls faster than Rafael Nadal (whose gun show made it entirely difficult for him to compete). We’ve even got two challenges with Shawn Johnson. Don’t act like you didn’t watch Dancing With The Stars…

On top of that, we’ll be adding challenges from some friends of ours from around the internet world. Look out for contributions from Veronica Belmont of Tekzilla, Sarah Austin of Pop17 fame, and Brian Lam of Gizmodo to name a few. On that note, if you are bored right now, go make a video. Anyone can. Don’t act like you’re above talking smack to an Olympian.

Keep checking back, as we’ll keep updating the site with new athletes and stars. We will also have a raffle in which the winner gets to challenge Rafael Nadal to a hot dog eating contest on live tv!

Okay we don’t really have that in the pipeline, nor have we asked Rafael if he’s cool with that. Just wanted to see if you were still reading.

The Best Of Us Challenge

They Call Us The Working Man
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The partners of Mekanism. Rush. No other words necessary, really.