Pictures with Olympians, or “Why We Hate Malcolm and Michele”
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I couldn’t decide on a title for this post. It was either “Malcolm and Michele have better jobs than everyone” or “If ‘Travel to Exotic Locations and Film Olympians’ is in the job description, take the job.”

Malcolm Murray and Michele Owen were the lucky (and by lucky we mean “extremely talented”) directing/producing duo we sent out around the world to film some of the Olympians for The Best Of Us Challenge initiative we teamed up on (get it, sports metaphor…hey oh!) with CW United and the IOC. The poor saps had to go to Mallorca, Laussane, Moraco and…Baltimore (sorry Baltimore, you look kind of sad in that sentence). And they were kind/cruel enough to document the whole thing. Sometimes, you realize why you are in production: to shoot pictures and videos of athletes doing cartwheels. Because sometimes, those cartwheels take place in exotic vacation locations. Rough life, kids.

We have posted all of the pictures over on Flickr, check them out if you have some time.

And now, I will post a picture of myself looking like a creepy fan boy next to Michael Phelps. You let me write these blog posts, Mek, you’re gonna get a creepy fan boy picture every now and again. That’s gotta be written down somewhere. Ri…right?

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2 Responses to “Pictures with Olympians, or “Why We Hate Malcolm and Michele””

  1. kim Says:

    Le sigh. What a life. Seriously cool project.

  2. jimbo jones Says:

    before everyone reading this post quits their job at Borders and decides, “that’s the job for me and since this is my year, I’m going get paid to travel the world and shoot famous people!” (with a camera, jerk) you should realize, that while traveling to exotic locations to photograph professional athletes may sound like a dream job, your not in Mallorca on vacation. Your at work in Mallorca. Which usually consists of long travel days, packing and unpacking gear, and hours of hard, focused work. So yes it can be a rewarding job, but after a few months on the road, sitting in an office, sufing the social web, and writing funny yet informative blog posts seems pretty cush..

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