Hello, Gizmodo. Again.
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Hey there, Google Chrome folks. I bet you are wondering who we are.

See, we’re just a bunch of geeks who love the interwebs and the gadgets…just like you. We’re a little bit of everything, really, rolled into an integrated production house. We make some websites, we make some commercials, we make a webisode here and there, and lately we’ve been trying to think up some crazy out-of-the-box technological doodads. We generally just like things to look cool and work. So that’s what we strive to create.

So because of all of this, we got in touch with our friends over at Gizmodo and asked them how they’d feel about building a widget together. A little something to discern sentiment when things go down at events like this. You know, when people find out that Google Chrome folds your laundry for you and stuff like that. After a few tweaks here and there, this Live Poll is what we came up with. We hope you enjoy messing around with it, and we hope you will be seeing more and more of it. Let us know if there is anything you liked or disliked about it. How meta is THAT?

*Note: this post assumes you hit the “who the f#$% is Mekanism?” logo on the bottom of this app over at Gizmodo. If you didn’t, and you just came to hang out at the Mek blog anyway…hey, what’s up?

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3 Responses to “Hello, Gizmodo. Again.”

  1. Kim Says:

    I just came out to chill at the Mek blog. I’ve never even been to Gizmodo. So there.

  2. Dave Skaff Says:

    I did come to kick it at the Mek blog and I dig me some Gizmodo but can I just get a simple link back to the app on the post here rather than digging around there? (‘sup Jason, Tommy, Pete and Ian!?)

  3. f glenn bowen Says:

    Love it! “Gotta Create Intrigue – Gotta Create Intrigue”!
    This just made me smile.

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