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We Need Interns. You Should Be One.
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We need someone to come in and talk to us about what it’s like to be a young one out there in the world. To tell us how the times have changed. To tell us what crazy music those crazy kids are listening to and what “viral video” those crazy kids are watching these days. And we’d love for you to be that crazy kid.

Mekanism needs interns.

We are recruiting a few good interns to come and work with our band of crazies here in the San Francisco office. Come make sweet, sweet storytelling content with us, and in the process walk away with great experience for your resume. Here’s the two available positions.

Digital Studio Intern (here’s what you should be good, want to get good at, or will do because we tell you to)

  • Digital Asset Management and Compression (We have lots of videos here. Comes with the “Production Company” Part)
  • Video Editing (we’d love it if you get FCP)
  • Reel Management (Again: we have a lot of commercials and videos. You’ll get to know them like best friends that don’t talk back)
  • Photoshop/AE/CS3 in general should be in your life. We’d love it if you spend time with those programs

Production Intern (here’s what you should be good, want to get good at, or will do because we tell you to)

  • Be good with a camera.
  • Understand a camera.
  • Like production.

Vague? Sure, we know. Basically, send us your resume and a little somethin’ telling us why you want to work here.The link to do so is below.

To prove that it is worth your while, the man writing this post will show you how far he’s come since HE began as an intern here. He went from this…

to THIS:

You, too, can go from bunny rabbit intern to intense cut-your-head-off-green-screen-full-time-employee.

Mekanism, where dreams come true. Hope to hear from you soon.

Mekanism Holiday Party 2009: Love Has Enemies
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Date:         Friday, Dec. 11.
Location:   Barrel House. 80 tehama street, san francisco
Time:         8pm to 1am
Free Booze, Food and D.J. Hope to see you there.

Doxology: Really Amazing Short, Really Amazing-er YouTube Commentary
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This last year, we were lucky enough to bring the very talented Michael Langan on board here. Among others, he shot a short named Doxology, a stop motion animated short that won the Slamdance Film Festival in 2008 and was nominated for a Student Academy Award.

This past week, Michael was fortunate enough to be featured by YouTube as one of their highlighted award-winning shorts in the screening room over there.

An experimental comedy about tennis balls, dancing cars, and God, you can presume that it got a crazy array of commentary from the global youtube community. In what is always an exciting adventure, we combed through the chatter over there to bring you our favorite comments from the bunch. Just priceless. View them all with our commentary ON the commentary after the jump.