Doxology: Really Amazing Short, Really Amazing-er YouTube Commentary
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This last year, we were lucky enough to bring the very talented Michael Langan on board here. Among others, he shot a short named Doxology, a stop motion animated short that won the Slamdance Film Festival in 2008 and was nominated for a Student Academy Award.

This past week, Michael was fortunate enough to be featured by YouTube as one of their highlighted award-winning shorts in the screening room over there.

An experimental comedy about tennis balls, dancing cars, and God, you can presume that it got a crazy array of commentary from the global youtube community. In what is always an exciting adventure, we combed through the chatter over there to bring you our favorite comments from the bunch. Just priceless. View them all with our commentary ON the commentary after the jump.

  • Thought provoking and imaginative, forces the viewer to realize to some extent that everything is just a state of mind. Once you open the lid and leap beyond the box of limited thinking and belief systems, true imagination begins. One suddenly sees that we do not make reality, we become it, and it becomes us. Everything we believe is nothing more than a reflection of the human mind attempting to explain the unexplainable. The question in this life may not be WHY so much as HOW we go about it.” (We agree, commenter!)
  • to the nay sayers…
    Are you serious?
    This is brilliant.
    Bold and clever.
    Who is this guy?
    I’m intrigued and delighted! (Again, we agree! We think he is brilliant, too!)
  • “midfuck” (It appears you missed an ‘n’ in there, commenter…but sentiment understood)
  • “That car can’t really dance. That’s not real!” (Touché, crafty commenter. Touché…)
  • “lemme guess. An European mad this shite. It’s interesting shite, but shite none the less.” (Nope, an european did not mad this shite)
  • “I feel like a cat just ate my soul and vomitted it into a shoe of which a old woman had just made and then obtained the power of flight and then finished with 27 rice cakes…wow….” (We agree with most of that, but it was more like 26 rice cakes for us. But yeah, sure, if it was 27 rice cakes for you that’s totally fair)
  • “Why do I want to have sex with you?
    >>WHAT is your problem?” (wait, so who do you want to sleep with? or wait, you don’t want to sleep with us? we’re confused)
  • “call me at 724 584 7772
    my name is jeff and ur all pieces of shit u need to die” (We just loved that he wants us to call him, but also wants us to die because we are pieces of shit. maybe slow down, Jeff)
  • “your dancing with your car because no girls like you. freak.” (Michael has a girlfriend, and she is like, WAY better looking than the car. BOOM, we totally just took you down a peg)
  • “BEST.MOVIE.EVER PLEASE DO MORE” (This one we definitely agreed with. You’ll be seeing much more soon, is the hope)

Thanks to the YouTube community for being our most favorite public audience to publicly test material with. And congrats again to our friend and colleague Michael on the great work getting noticed out there. We can’t believe he got his tennis ball stuck in the moon, man.

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4 Responses to “Doxology: Really Amazing Short, Really Amazing-er YouTube Commentary”

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  2. Kim Says:

    You have a great job.

  3. elizabeth Says:

    I think you guys are so crazy…you had me laughing. As an artist i really appreciate your creativity and inventivemess….I especiall like M Langans work..he is a very talented artist. I am an artist as well.
    Happy creating….
    If you need a woman artist please dont be afraid to contact me.
    I can bring a whole new twist!

  4. Marty Hoban Says:


    I wonder if word can be passed along to Michael Langan. We, at the West Chester Film Festival, would be HONORED! to present his short “Doxology” at our 6th Annual Short Film Festival in April 2010. Please get back to us at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.

    Marty Hoban

    p.s. I wish I could work at Mekanism, but i’m afraid I would never want to go home to my family!!!

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