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Disaster Starts a Conversation That Will Change Social Forever
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It could not be more fitting that this horrific, horrific thing has happened at the turn of a decade. I’m not saying that in any form of positivity. But if this is any sign of what the social web can do in the future…well, then this is hopeful.

The Haiti earthquake, by all means, is a tragedy of astronomical levels. It’s been heartbreaking to follow, and it’s an absolute shocking eye-opener as to just how lucky so many of us have it. The pictures are wounding to view.

But a funny thing happened in the middle of this nightmare: it turns out social media legitimately has a purpose. I’ll rephrase…as we always kind of knew that social media had a purpose (you know, like reconnecting with the kid you hated in high school…because THAT’S logical and necessary).

Social media found it’s calling. Think of all the times you’ve been inundated with requests to be a vampire, or to buy someone a pretty sheep for their fake digital ranch. Social media, sadly, is often used in the wrong way by people who don’t understand the power of what they are harnessing. Sometimes it feels like watching an 8-year old try to steal their parents car and run into the garbage cans over and over again. It’s annoying, right?

Then this happens. And more importantly: it happened now. A time where everyone reads their facebook newsfeed like it’s the 10 o’clock news. Where people follow twitter to get their news because they probably believe the layman more than they do the guy on the TV with the suit these days. It’s a time where we are so saturated with what’s going on right now that it makes perfect sense that you could rally and mobilize an army of millions within a single moment through a status update.

And that happened.

Tragedy struck. People rallied a way to raise money through texting a simple number. The Red Cross handed that number out. People updated their twitter and facebook with the call to action.

And within about one week, they have raised an astonishing 22 million or so. JUST from this. Think about that. JUST from people inundating their real time social feeds asking you to give up your lunch money for a day to save lives. And this could be changing the way we respond to disaster for the rest of our existence (heavy, I know). We have proven that humans have the ability to be there for people in a foreign nation going through disaster instantaneously…because of that website people use to tell people about their social lives. To ignore work for a minute or two during the day to see if the attractive girl posted new pictures. You could be at a concert, at a gym..anywhere. And within moments of tragedy¬†occurring, you become part of the solution because you checked your newsfeed.

People are using Facebook and Twitter to ACTUALLY change the world.

That’s pretty cool.

So however horrible this moment in our history is…take a bit of solace. The world looks like it could really change in the future, with the future being “right now”. Social media has officially proven it’s worth, and it’s value in our coming years. The social web is truly changing the way we can interact with people in an incredible, positive way. It’s¬†proven to be a pretty large beacon of hope in an incredibly dark moment. The sad thing is, it just took tragedy to highlight this.

Our hearts go out to all those in Haiti and anyone with family in the region.

Check out this “everything you can do for Haiti” page Google made. It’s a great starting point for learning how you can do something.

4 Mekanism Birthdays, One Cowboy Stripper
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No Words. Happy birthday, guys. And for the rest of you…

Please come to a birthday sometime over here. We promise Sam will keep his pants on.

(by promise, we mean “no he won’t)