Taco Hands, It Turns Out, Are Kind Of Hilarious
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We recently teamed up with Doner to shoot The Del Taco Super Special Show. What is the Del Taco Super Special Show, you ask? It’s funny. It has midgets, guys with taco hands, women who may or may not be defined as “better than average looking,” and a talking trash can. No, seriously.

David Horowitz directed the madness, which you can view right here on the youtubes.

Even better, though, go to the facebook fan page, vote on which of the parts you liked the most, and you get a free taco. Because you know who likes free tacos? Your friend named “everyone”. Because they are delicious.

The next few episodes will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Keep checking the fan page if you enjoy laughter and exploding tacos.

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