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Oh, Kids And Their Viral Videos These Days
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Remember when people made content back in the day (by back in the day we mean a year ago…it’s a fast moving industry we work in, kids) and you just didn’t know if it was real or if it was fake?

Were we the only people who thought, “aww, parents don’t let their kids talk about coke these days,” when we saw that Scarface video?

Apparently not. Mashable reported earlier today that that “Scarface School Play” where those CrrRrrAaaAzYY kids were re-enacting the “probably not okay for kids that young to watch” movie was, in fact, not a real children’s school play. It was the work of Marc Klasfeld and was put out into the big bad internet machine via the folks over at Sharethrough.

Honestly? It was a brilliant video.

It just proves again the evolution of online video that is happening every 13 seconds these days. The “is it real or is it fake” video has evolved to the point where great directors are shooting things…and not even for brands. Simply in the name of virality. Kudos to both parties for making the video and distributing it to everyone who uses ‘the internet’, just in general.

See the original video below if you hadn’t seen it yet. And if you hadn’t yet…what were you doing, working? What an idiot.

(we’re kidding, you’re great.)

TakePart’s Night On The Town With Amex and Oscar
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Ahhh, the Oscars. A wonderful night to celebrate fine cinema. Or, more importantly, to just stare at really good looking people.

We digress to something of huge importance.

If you tuned in last night, you may have caught some spots our friends at Ogilvy put together for our newest endeavor and partnership with Participant Media, TakePart. It’s a social networking hub where anyone can learn, form opinions and take actions that will have real impact in the world.

The site has partnered up with American Express, and will host the American Express Members Project. The program is aimed at linking both card members and anyone else who’d like to create some change to charitable organizations, allowing them to vote for said organizations on to help them receive donations from Amex every quarter. Users can vote for what matters to them, find opportunities to volunteer in their own communities, and even donate money to their favorite organizations.

So there it is: Vote, Volunteer, Donate. We think it’s pretty darn cool, and a great way to help create real world change through social media.

If you want to change the world and feel like you didn’t really know how you could do it, this is us high fiving you and telling you to get out there and do it through TakePart and American Express. We’re proud of the site we built with Participant Media, and we hope you enjoy changing the world through it with us.

It’s like one big group internet hug. Except it’s actually real, and it actually DOES make things warm and fuzzy. That’s our hope.

Head over here to check it out.

Site Full Of Pretty Gets Prettier
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The FWA, everyone’s favorite timesuck/”I wish we made more websites that looked like this” internet destination got a facelift today.

They are pretty much the go-to industry equivalent to 5,436 gold stars on your homework, so we’re happy to see that they also do their due dilligence and apply more makeup to their own website from time to time.

And might we say, you’re looking really good, FWA. We’d buy you so many expensive tapas in that new dress of yours.

Check it out if you have some time, really puts the industries finest in a fantastic looking, sleek new spotlight. Simple, clean and to the point: how the interwebs should be. Click below to jump on ovah. And yeah, we waited on that screen grab until Lady GaGa-Oh-La-La-Ah came up. Tell me you’re not singing bad romance in your head right now (BOOM, that just happened).