Site Full Of Pretty Gets Prettier
Written by Mekanism at 1:43 pm • digital

The FWA, everyone’s favorite timesuck/”I wish we made more websites that looked like this” internet destination got a facelift today.

They are pretty much the go-to industry equivalent to 5,436 gold stars on your homework, so we’re happy to see that they also do their due dilligence and apply more makeup to their own website from time to time.

And might we say, you’re looking really good, FWA. We’d buy you so many expensive tapas in that new dress of yours.

Check it out if you have some time, really puts the industries finest in a fantastic looking, sleek new spotlight. Simple, clean and to the point: how the interwebs should be. Click below to jump on ovah. And yeah, we waited on that screen grab until Lady GaGa-Oh-La-La-Ah came up. Tell me you’re not singing bad romance in your head right now (BOOM, that just happened).


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  1. Shelby Augenstein Says:

    Lady Gaga is simply perfect. I cannot stop seeking info and stuff about her

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