TakePart’s Night On The Town With Amex and Oscar
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Ahhh, the Oscars. A wonderful night to celebrate fine cinema. Or, more importantly, to just stare at really good looking people.

We digress to something of huge importance.

If you tuned in last night, you may have caught some spots our friends at Ogilvy put together for our newest endeavor and partnership with Participant Media, TakePart. It’s a social networking hub where anyone can learn, form opinions and take actions that will have real impact in the world.

The site has partnered up with American Express, and will host the American Express Members Project. The program is aimed at linking both card members and anyone else who’d like to create some change to charitable organizations, allowing them to vote for said organizations on to help them receive donations from Amex every quarter. Users can vote for what matters to them, find opportunities to volunteer in their own communities, and even donate money to their favorite organizations.

So there it is: Vote, Volunteer, Donate. We think it’s pretty darn cool, and a great way to help create real world change through social media.

If you want to change the world and feel like you didn’t really know how you could do it, this is us high fiving you and telling you to get out there and do it through TakePart and American Express. We’re proud of the site we built with Participant Media, and we hope you enjoy changing the world through it with us.

It’s like one big group internet hug. Except it’s actually real, and it actually DOES make things warm and fuzzy. That’s our hope.

Head over here to check it out.

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