Find Your Burt.
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Just recently we helped launch a site for Burt’s Bees where anyone can find their Burt.

Today, for Earth Day (it’s the 40th anniversary…that is older than most of you reading this…see how I just made you feel better about yourself?), a few bearded “Burt’s” got out in NYC on bikes equipped with Blenders to churn up some smoothies made of the natural ingredients the company actually uses in their products. Pretty cool, if we do say so.

Go slap a little AR beard on yourself over a FindYourBurt.com …it’s fun, and it’s a good way to say “I like the Earth. A lot. No seriously, a lot.”

Or it’s a good way to waste some time at the office instead of whatever it is you aren’t doing. Get to it.

Happy Earth Day, everyone.

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