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LA Film Festival, Malcolm. Malcolm, LA FIlm Festival.
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Malcolm Murray (we’ve talked about him a few times, so sorry to bring him up again…proud parents, you know?) will be presenting his first feature-length documentary, “Camera, Camera” in competition at the Los Angeles Film Festival this month. An east coast premiere will follow immediately afterwards at the AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Documentary Festival outside of D.C.

Camera, Camera” explores the idealized, beautiful, and sometimes treacherous world of Laos from the perspective of the country’s most prolific documentarians – Western tourists with digital cameras.  The film, Murray’s directorial debut, was written and features interviews by journalist and author Michael Meyer and was produced by The New York Times staff photographer Josh Haner.

To put it in layman’s terms: it’s a really good looking film that is really f*%*ing interesting.

Shoot Magazine did a lovely write up and called Malcolm a “director set to emerge.” We agree. But we’ve made that fairly clear.

The doc will be one of ten full length feature films that will be in competition in the category.

Best of luck, Malcolm.

Mandre. (why, what do YOUR designers do?)
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A partner of ours actually wrote a senior designer to mock up a picture of our lead writer and a digital producer as one human.

Just for no reason. At all.

Here’s Manjula Nadkarni and Andre Riccardi. Or Mandre.

Welcome to Mekanism.