The Crap On The Internet We Like This Week (July 19 – July 23)
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It’s Friday. That means that someone is ONE week closer to trying to create a campaign that is similar yet different (re: not good) to the Old Spice campaign. And it also means that there was a bunch of crap on the internet that someone sent you over IM or in an email or told you about when you were in the kitchen eating that leftover cinnamon bun from when we had clients in and it already had a bite in it and this is totally hypothetical.

We have a new addition to our social media team this week. Meet Natira Suchoknand. Please judge her for not having a twitter account. I know I just did.

This is the crap on the internet we liked this week.

Brendan Gahan (@BrendanGahan): Tarp Surfing

Not sure if you’ve picked up on it yet, but Brendan likes surfing. I boldly predict his next pick is surfing as well.

Ryan Lee (@owlsquid): 90 Seconds of Segway Crashes

Ryan wins the award for picking the funniest video this week. This is the best thing I’ve seen in 2011 and 2014. I’m just gonna call it and say this wins.

Gino Click (@ginobot): 35mm

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

“Pay attention. There are supposedly 35 subtle movie references here. But, sadly, no dancing turtles.”

Shepard Wallace (@regularshep): Lyrebird

“This guy is more talented than most people I know. Of course, most people I know aren’t named, ‘Superb’.”

Elijah Bilotta (@frodoBKK): Buy You A Drank Cover

“I’m sticking with music this week. I wasn’t able to get behind the rest of his work but I’ve had this “Buy you a drank” cover on repeat for a couple of days now.”

Natira Suchoknand: Kleptones – Come Again

Natira doesn’t get any witty commentary until she gets a Twitter account.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal (Part 6/11)

I basically think Press Your Luck is the greatest television show of all time. It’s like the red starburst of game shows.

So when I found out this week that someone gamed it. AND THEN found out that someone made a 9,000 hour long overly-wrought documentary piece about it. AND THEN found out that it had slow motion shots in it..I essentially lost it. If you want to be depressed, watch part 11 of the series. Spoiler Alert: he presses his luck….IN LIFE.

That’s all for this week. Yes, I get to write more about mine than anyone else. I’m selfish and i’m the one writing it. Bam. That just happened.

See you next Friday.

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