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The Client Is More Important Than Pete.
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It’s funny because it’s true.

(And it’s funny because this is real. And was just spotted in a conference room.)

(We still think you’re important, Pete.)

The Crap On The Internet We Like This Week (August 23rd – August 27th)
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My favorite part about this column I get to write weekly so far (Like how I called it a “column”? Isn’t that adorably naive?) is the part of every week where I have to ask my boss:

Drew: “Hey Jason, is it okay if I put the video on the blog where the girl talks about how she wants to..”

Jason: “No.”

Drew: “Okay.”

Because, while you can propose just about anything at Mekanism (I mean, I’ve been in a room where the idea “F*ck China” was proposed, and it was one of the, “yeah, that might work” ideas, soooo…), you still can’t really just throw up total inappropriateness on the company blog. But it’s really fun to try.

In honor of this, I’d like to at least direct you kind of maybe sort of towards a video that was sent to me, in an ACTUAL viral manner this week (I’m not saying click the link but CLICK THAT LINK). As in, a friend ACTUALLY just sent me a video randomly, a lost art in the world I live in. And the best part?

One of the guys in the video is my new co-worker, Matt Lenski.

When things like that happen, I remember how awesome my industry can actually be. I remember the core of how “viral video” got popular:

It’s a small world, and sometimes, awesome content just falls in your lap, and you know the guy in the video who plays, “Carter, the gay friend who’s a closeted straight.”

Here’s the crap we liked on the internet this week.

Brendan Gahan (@BrendanGahan): Drunk girls face-plant on to hard concrete from shopping cart

Brendan was too busy to select a video this week. So my knee jerk reaction was, “what about that video where the girl falls out a of a shopping cart?” So, that seems like a healthy reaction that this is my first idea for a “funny video”.

Ryan Lee (@owlsquid): Wheelchair Backflip

Once you get over the “I’m an asshole but that’s funny” part in the beginning where people in wheelchairs are biting it, you then realize how much better at life this person is than you. So then you feel:

a) Not that good about laughing at the biting it parts and

b) Really nonathletic.

Gino Click (@ginobot): Time Crisis – Ft. Andy Whitfield

“If you’ve ever played a shooting game, you’ll enjoy this. If I don’t show up to work on monday, it’s because I’m at the arcade still trying to beat Time Crisis.” (freddiew makes some pretty amazing videos…and his latest, Future Rock Band, is worth a look as well)

Shepard Wallace (@regularshep): Procrastination

Procrastination. We all do it. Just not as well as these guys.

Elijah Bilotta (@frodoBKK): İsmail YK – Çılgın – Facebook Klip Tanıtımı

Lots of people may have heard about the Turkish Facebook music video but I bet no one watched it long enough to catch the last 2 minutes. It’s like Stomp the Yard meets Armageddon.

Natira Suchoknand: Star Wars Tai Chi

Darth Vader does Tai Chi. I don’t think much more needs to be said, other than the fact that a girl just posted a Darth Vader video. So, I’m guessing a lot of Star Wars nerds are going to ask if Natira is single now.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Hands down, this is my favorite thing I’ve seen on the internet in a very long time. I think I’ve been quoting it for 8 days straight, and it’s JUST not getting old yet.

It’s pretty funny how they came up with the idea, too. You can read about it over here.

I am not sure how I selected drunk girls falling out of a shopping cart as the first video for this post, and ended with the most adorable video of all time. What can I say. I’m both trashy and classy, all at once.

See you next Friday, everyone.

The Crap On The Internet We Like This Week (August 16th – August 20th)
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You know what’s great about this week? An advertiser ACTUALLY used Chatroulette in an innovative way.

You know why The Last Exorcism’s use of Chatroulette was genius? Because it actually used the product. It wasn’t just someone sitting there with a sign like a homeless person telling you to click a URL, how advertisers have tried to use Chatroulette before (I know you’re thinking “homeless isn’t funny, Drew”…yes it is, reader…in this instance, yes it is…). It was someone advertising through the medium, and creating an ACTUAL interactive experience. Oh, and it’s funny to also see a bunch of guys who thought they’d see boobs, and instead getting a demonic possessed girl. That’s awkward.

Here’s the crap we liked on the internet this week.

Brendan Gahan (@BrendanGahan): Indian Pole Gymnastics

My favorite part was that Brendan sent an email to everyone telling us how comfortable he was sending us this video.

I guess that’s what you do when you send people a link to click in a mass email with the subject line “Indian Pole Gymnastics.”

These guys are pretty incredible though.

Ryan Lee (@owlsquid): Animated Lego Digital Box at Downtown Disney Orlando

Considering all I ever wanted to do with my childhood was build either:

A) The Lego Gas Station


B) The Lego Monorail

…I’m pretty sure if I held a Lego box as a small child and a helicopter appeared out of magical nowhere land? My mind would explode. Great use of AR.

Gino Click (@ginobot): Japanese Water Bottle Jet Pack Fail

Probably the best use of Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, ever. Like, Aerosmith hasn’t used it this well yet, and they are all 4,298 years old.

(*editors note: I’m sorry for saying that, Aerosmith. Permanent Vacation was my first cassette tape ever, and I totally sang the songs “Rag Doll” and “Dude Looks Like A Lady” with absolutely zero idea how inappropriate I was being. You will always be my first.)

Shepard Wallace (@regularshep): Bed Intruder Song by Schmoyoho Arranged for Tsugaru Shamisen!

In honor of the Brothers Gregory crackin’ the Billboard Hot 100, here’s this week’s edition of “wow there are a LOT of people out there who are just substantially more talented than you.”

Elijah Bilotta (@frodoBKK): Sorry Sorry Super Junior 슈 퍼주니어3집 (dance cover) version Thailand Tourist Police Division

“If someone created a program that scanned your tweets and created a video this is what mine would look like.”

I don’t even know what that means, Elijah. But it’s funny, because you just consistently are.

Natira Suchoknand: Little girl saying “WHATEVERR”

Man. Cats doing stupid crap and kids saying funny things. When is that ever not funny.

(Ladies and gentlemen, the internet! Summed up in a sentence!)

Mia Andersen: Unsuck It

Mia is a Production Coordinator here at Mekanism. A non “total f&$king nerd” who works here, if you will. I thought we’d have one of those people contribute.

We recently spoke about how boys are the only people who like viral videos, so I asked her to give me something that wasn’t a viral video. And she unearthed this effing gem.

I mean. Just put in any word that you probably have to type in emails all day long if you work in advertising.

Sorry to everyone’s boss. I just killed productivity for the entire day.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Snoop Dogg, Please Be Gangsta Again!

Sergio Cilli is ridiculously hilarious. If you don’t watch him on CurrentTV’s Infomania, start.

And I’m pretty sure this sums up my feelings on Snoop Dogg, just in a lot of ways. You’re amazing, Snoop. You’re amazing. But Martha? Really, Snoop?

See you next Friday, everyone.