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2010: A Case Odyssey (Oh, and a lost nipple.)
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Michael Langan is making very pretty things again. Are you paying attention?

To promote their new website that lets you personalize cases for your iPhone or Blackberry, Case-Mate let Langan run wild and create a gorgeous, visually stunning spot that uses surreal metaphors for the design interface to demonstrate the power of the application.

If it isn’t entirely clear, I took that last sentence from a release. You know why? It sounded incredibly smart, kind of like Michael.

If your mind didn’t just explode, he also made a hilarious spot about life with steel wool hands. Random, you say? Ha! We say it simply kills two birds with one stone: it discusses how it would kind of suck to have steel wool hands while also cleverly talking about how fingerprints and glare on a cell phone aren’t fun. And those are two birds people have been throwing stones at for a very long time, and they usually only hit one.

You can check out these and the other spots Michael made over on the Case-Mate YouTube channel. And if you’d like to customize your own case, go to

Nice work, Michael. It’s not often that someone says, “Hey, have you seen that spot with the floating pseudo-diety? Yeah, it was after the one where the nipple gets ripped off by the steel wool hands!”

And that’s why we love you.

The Crap On The Internet We Like This Week (August 8th – August 13th)
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This week saw a few great memes go around.

1) An attractive girl fake quit her fake job, brought to you by The Chive!

2) A Jet Blue attendant quit his job and may be the only person who ever gets to ride the “oh my god we’re gonna die” slide on the side of the plane in an extremely fun manner.

Both of them proved one thing: people won’t really do anything anymore unless it will make them famous on the internet.

It’s the culture now. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how much longer American Idol will last, really, because that crap is on television. See how I called it ‘Television’ and not ‘TV’? That’s because ‘TV’ is a nickname and nicknames are for friends and Television is NOOOO FRIEND OF MINE.

Point is, it was fascinating to see yet another week where the big TV corp’s were well behind reporting the things people were talking about. Because places like TechCrunch and Mashable and “Fill in the Blank Nerd Rag” all had them first.

Seems like this internet thing is gonna be big after all, eh?

Rant over.

Here’s the crap we liked on the internet this week.

Brendan Gahan (@BrendanGahan): Me And My Shark

Great White caught on camera, just circling around. I don’t know how this video doesn’t involve more violent screaming and crying and peeing of pants.

Ryan Lee (@owlsquid): Man Jumps Out Of Helicopter to Catch Fish

A man, somehow, ACTUALLY one-ups Bear Gryls. So the next time you think you’ve achieved anything in life, realize that there are people that know how to time jumping out of a helicpoter to catch gigantic fish. Just sayin.

Gino Click (@ginobot): Chewbacca Dancing

“MMrrrarrr. Nrmmrmrbrbrrr arrrrwwrrrrrr! Mrmmr brbr mr ramrmmrmrmrmrmrr hrurrrrawwrrrrrrr.”

(This is what Gino told me to write. It’s actually kind of interesting to see how people try to phonetically spell out Chewbacca talk.)

Shepard Wallace (@regularshep): cows & cows & cows

To be fair, we told Shep he couldn’t post the inappropriate video he wanted to. So, like we all do in this industry, he went back to videos of an animal doing something like dancing or making a weird noise. Gotta love our generation.

Elijah Bilotta (@frodoBKK): Surfer Interview

I want to know this person. I want him to commentate every little thing we do together. I want to go to the movies with him and have him explain what it was like when I put the red vine in my coke. And what it was like when he got out of his chair. Think about that. Think about if you took this man through a car wash. No, seriously. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Natira Suchoknand: 80’s Commercials

Oh 80’s advertising. You’re so magically ridiculous. I miss you so much it hurts.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber):Lightning Bolt

If you have never watched a LARP (live action role playing) video, this should be your first.

If you can honestly watch this and not randomly yell LIGHTNING BOLT! and SLEEP! for the next six months, you win.

Also, is it me? Or does the guy who gets to yell “death” have a teeeeenie bit  of an unfair advantage? I mean, call me crazy, but…seems like you’re gonna win most things when you have “infinity i’m better than everyone” super powers.

See you next Friday, everyone.

Catch the mist. Catch the myth. Catch the mystery. Catch the drift.
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To say the partners of Mekanism are fairly large Rush fans is an aggressive understatement. I’d say at least one day a month, when it’s dead silent, Jason walks through the office singing Tom Sawyer in falsetto.

So when Rush came into town touring, I was pretty much waiting for the amazing emails that would roll in from each partner asking me to talk about Rush on the blog the next day, complete with their blurry iPhone photos that were in no way in focus from the concert.

The last one of Tommy and Ian is too fantastic for words.

I will leave the rest up to Ian Kovalik’s amazing email that was sent in. Direct quote.

“You may never hear from me again. I go now to where sorcery lives eternal and elven mist covers the heather.”