The Crap On The Internet We Like This Week (September 13th – September 17th)
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Here’s what happened on the internet this week that I don’t feel like talking about.

  • YouTube introduced their streaming platform. Our bets are on the fact that this won’t be made totally available to the public until they figure out the “every creepy guy wants to show his junk when a video camera is on” internet problem.
  • Twitter made “New Twitter.” If you want to read about it, it’s impossible, but you CAN search for #NewTwitter and find a bunch of people who are like, totally bummed they don’t have #NewTwitter yet. NewTwitter. In case we haven’t said it enough yet, #NewTwitter. (This is not funny unless you are entirely nerdy and have too much time to spend on the internet. RE: me.)

The rest of it is on full display below. Because, frankly, a raunchy A Capella and a video that presupposes a cat’s feelings pretty much sum up the only other crap we find important.

Here’s the crap we liked on the internet this week.

Brendan Gahan (@BrendanGahan): B*tches Ain’t $h*t

What I did with the title of this video is hilarious to me. It says “I don’t want to put the swear words on the company blog”, yet I’m entirely okay with YouTube then putting the actual title of the video in the overlay of the video. NSFW. But  hilarious.

Ryan Lee (@owlsquid): Kidnapper FAIL

No words really needed here. You just need to be 8 years old. Which is basically the sense of humor level of the entire Mekanism workforce.

Gino Click (@ginobot): Cat PSA Announcement

Ever wonder how cats feel about their internet popularity?

Elijah Bilotta (@frodoBKK): I Still Have A Soul (HBO Boxing)

When people say that “content is king” and other marketing jargon like that…this is what they mean. Incredibly well done spot that makes you want to learn how to box. I mean, I’m scared hurting people’s feelings, and now I even want to go punch things.

Natira Suchoknand: Climbing A 1,768 Foot Transmission Tower

I just threw up watching this. In other news, we’d like to make a Twitter account for Natira, though she’s been fighting it tooth and nail. @Natirex. C’MON Natira. It’s a winner.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Don’t Turn The Lights On

I miss when MTV played “music videos”…but I guess I’m employed by “the internet”, and as a boss he thinks that “the television” is sort of dead.

Chromeo though. Man. These guys are a white boy’s dream.

See you next Friday.

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  1. Kim Says:

    The original a cappella version of the Bitches Ain’t Shit was created by my boyfriend and his a cappella group. Ben Folds even featured their video on his website a while ago. So…booya, preppy-looking girls?

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