The Crap On The Internet We Like This Week (September 20th – September 24th)
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Sadly, everyone was “working” a lot last week and it’s been tough to be funny and/or put together a bunch of videos that we want to waste your time with.


At any rate, most of us still took the time to find the worthless crap that we love so much. By most of us I mean people outside of our nerd department. And by that I mean, “people who don’t speak in 0’s and 1’s.” I know. It’s as complicated as it sounds.

Here’s the crap we liked on the internet this…er…last week.

Mia Andersen: John Tesh “Roundball Rock”

Yes. That’s actually John Tesh, actually NOT acting and telling you in a really serious manner how he created this song. Doesn’t this seem like an SNL skit? Mia, by the way, is becoming a “crap we like” ringer for someone who strongly claims that females do not really “go to youtube”. Really, Mia? Because this is amazing. You lose…which means, essentially, you win in our nerd hearts.

Nicolette Bethea: The Unseen Sea

If you live in San Francisco, this video is absolutely phenomenal to watch. If you don’t live in San Francisco, this is me saying your city is stupid and we’re better.

Gino Click (@ginobot): Creepy Justin Bieber Dancing Dad

Have I mentioned that Gino is kind of a fan of Justin Bieber?

Elijah Bilotta (@frodoBKK): Joaquin Phoenix Isn’t Crazy.

Which, well, is kind of depressing. And in no way did we see this coming!

I watched it over the weekend myself. Here are my thoughts:

1) He sucks.

Oh, wait. I’m done.

Natira Suchoknand: Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Tell me you don’t want to go break cars for no apparent reason right now.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Never Say No To Panda

My friend Dave and I have polar opposite tastes in commercials. We often talk about while I love anything with animals talking ironically and/or sarcasm, he enjoys “ball hits/people getting hit in the balls/the one where that guy gets hit in the balls”. Amazingly, this is finally one we agreed on. I was legitimately crying laughing when I first saw this.

See you next…er…this Friday.

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