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We Need an Intern For A Position That Is Presumably Better Than Your Current Job
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Do you like digital? Do you like strategy? Do you like making unique phrases out of two word combinations, maybe even out of the two words I JUST said? Are you smart enough to search for things on google like “horrible yet funny intern picture” like I just did AND THEN embed it in a blog post (hint: I, too, was once an intern)? My GOD do we have a job for you.

Mekanism is looking for a f*%king awesome Digital Strategist/PR intern. They’d be working closely with our (wait for it) Digital Strategist and the rest of our Social Media Syndication Team, which I just capitalized due to the nature of their importance. They would be..wait I don’t want to write this all here, full description down below.

Honestly: working here has been statistically compared to what it feels like the first time you laughed as a small child and/or the first time you enjoyed anything in your life, ever. That’s just science. Description below. I will now write in all caps where to apply.


Thanks. We love you already.


Job Title:

Digital Strategy Intern

Brief Summary:

Mekanism is searching for a rock-star intern to work closely with Mekanism’s Digital Strategist and Syndication team on online conversation research, digital influencer identification and digitally-integrated event execution for key lifestyle and consumer brands.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify online communities and digital influencers for digital PR outreach
  • Conduct research to aid in the development of social media engagement strategies designed for maximum coverage
  • Conduct online media outreach on behalf of Mekanism’s clients
  • Contribute to the development of appropriate strategies and guidelines for community management of social media profiles
  • Work closely with the Syndication team to achieve client business objectives
  • Measure, monitor, and report results on an ongoing basis for multiple clients
  • Communicate progress and status to client contacts, Social media and Syndication team

Required Skill Set

  • Some previous PR or marketing internship experience required. Focus on digital and social media is a plus.
  • BA/BS in psychology, communication or marketing from an accredited university a plus
  • Experience with social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare
  • Excellent written, oral and analytical skills
  • Passion for lifestyle, fashion or beauty products a plus
  • Creativity, strategic thinking, attention to detail, and ability to multi-task


This position reports to the Associate Director of Social Media.

Meet a Mekanista: Sola Morrissey
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Meet Sola Morrissey.

Your first thought might be…WHY DOESN’T SHE WEAR SHOES AT WORK! THAT’S WEIRD.

To that, we’d say…hey, good for you for looking at the details this writer just pointed out for no apparent reason.

No, actually, Sola is just plain great. She spells words like “chrysanthemum” correctly, she makes sure we all don’t screw up everyday…she’s in a band called The Dirty Cupcakes that plays Rolling Stones covers. Overall? Just phenomenal.

So say hello the next time you call. She’s the really happy voice on the other end of the phone that is probably saying really mean things about you in a really happy voice later to the rest of us if you’re a jerk to her. Don’t be, okay?

Meet a Mekanista: Christine Ngo
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Meet Christine Ngo.

A Digital Strategist, she’s our newest hire to our social media team. She  is also the best at doing things with social media ever, just in general. (Like how vague I’m being?)

I could say a bunch of really serious things about how she has this ridiculously talented background in PR and blah blah blah…but I’d like to focus more on the fact that she makes the scariest face while working, ever. The woman is all business. I mean, this is the crap you can’t put on a resume. This is how I see her interviewing process going.

Recruiter: “So, tell me your skill sets…you know, strengths, etc.

Christine: “I stare down my laptop like I’m going to shank it in prison. I literally look like I want to just kill my work.”

Recruiter: (scared) “Alright, so uh…when can you sta..start…”

So far, so good, as she is shanking jobs left and right. The metaphor being that she’s a great addition to the team and we love her work ethic. She’s also awesome, so we’re excited about that.