Meet a Mekanista: Christine Ngo
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Meet Christine Ngo.

A Digital Strategist, she’s our newest hire to our social media team. She  is also the best at doing things with social media ever, just in general. (Like how vague I’m being?)

I could say a bunch of really serious things about how she has this ridiculously talented background in PR and blah blah blah…but I’d like to focus more on the fact that she makes the scariest face while working, ever. The woman is all business. I mean, this is the crap you can’t put on a resume. This is how I see her interviewing process going.

Recruiter: “So, tell me your skill sets…you know, strengths, etc.

Christine: “I stare down my laptop like I’m going to shank it in prison. I literally look like I want to just kill my work.”

Recruiter: (scared) “Alright, so uh…when can you sta..start…”

So far, so good, as she is shanking jobs left and right. The metaphor being that she’s a great addition to the team and we love her work ethic. She’s also awesome, so we’re excited about that.

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  2. Michelle Says:

    She’s hot. I dig her.

  3. Christine Ngo Says:

    leave it to my sister to be the only one that comments. go figure.

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