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We’re having our own little metaphorical unwrap attack.
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Well, color us stupidly excited about this one.

We had the pleasure of working with The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee for a project with eBay. You know, that giant website on the internet that people really like.

Long story short: the webisodes are about people getting really excited about great gifts. So excited that they freak out. And scream. Like that time you actually scored the Tickle Me Elmo a few years ago, and your kid actually may have peed their pants. That’s the idea.

Stuart Elliot and the nice people at The New York Times (that giant website and newspaper on the internet and every place in the world, ever) were kind enough to write all about it today.

We’re looking forward to seeing more people pee their pants over presents this year. That’s not what it sounds like. Eh…maybe a little.

Meet a Mekanista: Ryan Lee
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Meet Ryan Lee.

When Ryan first walked in the door, he was wearing an 8-bit tie and he had a shaved head with a future mullet. We sat there, dazed and confused, and realized the only possible thing to do was to hire him. Were we partially afraid? Sure. Did we know what to do when, day by day, he brought in more and more toy versions of Cephalopods and owls? No. No we did not.

But that’s kind of the charm of Ryan. He’s like no one you’ve ever met. A lot of people say crap like that about people. But he’s truly, genuinely that: one of a kind. And in terms of Social Media, he’s rain man levels of intelligent. He’s been a pioneer of our Social Media department, in fact. And it doesn’t hurt that he, in his free time, created gems like this.

The guy has revolutionized our workplace. To know Ryan is to know, essentially, what Mekanism is. He’s just “it”. As the appointed “social czar”, I guess you’ve kind of gotta be.

I will stop my love letter now. We all just really like the guy.