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Meet a Mekanista: The Interns.
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You know the fun part about writing about the interns? That you can just call them “the interns.” It’s like when you don’t know someone’s name at a party, and you know how you’re usually all worried that it will come up? You don’t have to worry with “the interns”, because that’s what they are! Just, “the interns.”

No, I’m kidding. They’re great. They all do very great things. Like get me coffee.

(I mean, it’s like the jokes write themselves.)

Meet the interns. We like them, and they design and write wonderful things. Thanks, guys.

From The Vault.
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It wasn’t that long ago. But man, did we enjoy making these. Sometimes, you have to be thankful that you work in an industry that is okay with you drawing pictures of people peeing.

Mekanism Voices: WikiLeaks
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(Yes. I know. That’s annoying that you have to click on the picture. We’re workin’ on it.)