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Now Trending at Mekanism (Nov 29th – Dec 3rd)
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So, we used to call this post “the crap we liked on the internet that we liked and you liked on this week and the crap”…

But the name was just REALLY longwinded. And it was REALLY hard to abbreviate or shorten. And also…I mean, we like this stuff. Yeah. It’s not crap.

So welcome to our new Friday post: Trending at Mekanism.

I’m sure you get the whole pun in there. You know, it’s trending on the internet…it’s trending in our office…all that jazz. But it’s short. And it feels good to say. Like the word “salsa.”

It also turns out our company is growing. We’re hiring too many social media nerds at this point. So from here on out, I get to be king nerd and fulfill a lifelong dream of shattering people’s dreams when I do not post their video which they submitted. (That’s a sad and really specific lifelong dream)

Point being, it’s the top five submissions from Mekanistas, every week. Enjoy.

Here’s what’s trending at Mekanism this week.

Gino Click (@ginobot): Star Wars meets The Princess Bride

“Adding lightsabers to classic cinema sword fights is like adding bacon to anything. I can’t believe this doesn’t have more views. Super well done.”

(on that note…)

Aaron Sanchez (@AVSinSF): Epic Meal Time – Breakfast of Booze

This is disgusting/amazing/hilarious. I have no idea where to even begin.

“Breakfast ain’t breakfast without a big-ass omelette, am I right haters?”

Elijah Bilotta (@frodoBKK): I am Free Enterprise!

I have watched this now 14 times and read about 22 corresponding articles on the “real”ness of this. He is ACTUALLY legit, so the word goes. This is either a *brilliant* viral video that isn’t real or an *accidentally brilliant* viral video that is real. Well done, Elijah.

Christine Ngo (@ChristineNgo): DJ Kitty

Christine has straight-up “Al Gore’d”/hipstered this viral video and claims that she saw it before it went viral, and in turn made it viral. And that is why she is amazing. She said it with convincing conviction.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Cats Playing Patty-Cake

I know, I know. Two cat videos. In the defense of this week’s post: we’re rusty. But c’mon. The timing of the voice over work on this video alone is just fantastic, LET ALONE THE FACT THAT THESE ARE CATS PLAYING PATTY CAKE.

The best part: I gave the “you HAVE to see this” face to my co-worker Caroline yesterday about this video. After forcing her to watch it, she looked at me, laughed and said in an entirely deadpan voice:

“Are you high right now?”

It’s good to have this weekly post back online. Just like Jurassic Park.

See you next Friday.

Meet a Mekanista: Natira Suchoknand
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You know what’s weird? This picture is TOTALLY a metaphor for Natira’s work ethic. It is in no way, however, indicitive of Natira’s actual personality. She does not, in fact, eat cities or set fire to things with her mouth. Though this picture does not depict the “dragon” capabilities I speak of, one can just presume that if you destroy and eat cities as a human/monster hybrid, you obviously breath fire.

Where was I.

Natira is our Syndication Project Manager. Basically, she took our social media department (which was like the organizational equivalent to an episode of “Hoarders”) and totally Ty Pennington’d the crap out of it. She is amazing at what she does, and continues to streamline the department every day.

She is also a total closet foodie, has fantastic knowledge of obscure movie quotes and, to date, has not complained once about anything ever. Which we’re pretty sure is impossible.

If you are ever fortunate to work on a future social media project with us, she’ll be the velvet hammer on the email chain. Say hello and tell her to stop eating cities.

(sidenote: She wants twitter followers and is bashful to admit this. Get on board guys, she’s funny. @Natirasu)