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Now Trending at Mekanism (Feb 14th – Feb 18th)
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Here’s a bunch of things you can laugh at when you’re bored this weekend.

Or Monday. Actually, these are great for Monday. Don’t lie, you’ll be bored before you have to dig in to whatever low hanging fruit you’re about to totally action item the hell out of.

Watch these. Then get back to that.

This is what’s trending at Mekanism this week.

Chin Lu (@chinhualu): Advice From The Little Mermaid

I’m an ordinary human instead of a beautiful princess mermaid. And I love that!

Elijah Bilotta (@FrodoBKK): Rear View Girls LA

In the words of Elijah…hot girls + cool idea = better idea.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Arcade Fire Hipster Attack

Know who Arcade Fire is. Or hipsters will kill you.

Daisy Cheng: (@daise): Teach Me How To Panda

Tell me you didn’t laugh. You’re lying. And you just sent that video to other people. Law of the internet: animals = hilarious.

Christine Ngo: (@ChristineNgo): Kid Plays Gaga

Welcome back to Trending @ Mek, Christine. Please don’t ever submit anything to our weekly column that has to do with squirell cats or whale cats or “fill in the blank” cats ever again. See? It turns out you ARE better than that. Because this is great, that kid is very talented.

See you next Friday.

Now Trending at Mekanism (Feb 7th – Feb 11th)
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Can I start by saying that this week was the 7th through the 11th? 7-11? Nobody? Just me? Just me.

It’s the Super Bowl week. Well, the week after where all you hear about is Super Bowl commercials.

Which gets REALLY f*%king annoying.

Hey, have you seen the Super Bowl spot we did with Pepsi with Eminem in it? If you haven’t you should go like it on facebook RIGHT NOW. Here. Just click this big, long hyperlink.

We’re just kidding. Kind of. No we’re not.

This is what’s trending at Mekanism this week.

Natira Suchoknand (@NatiraSu): 8 Month Old Deaf Baby’s Reaction to Cochlear Implant

Natira gets to headline this week, because she’s the only person from the entire staff who apparently finds nice viral videos that make you feel good. Most of us just send videos of people getting hit in the nuts or  videos with inappropriate sexual jokes in them. Thanks Natira. Here’s everyone’s moment of “nice person.”

Ryan Lee (@owlsquid): How To Make People Paranoid

And why not follow that up with a video of people being terrible to old people.

Monica Fineis (@MonFineis): Sit Boo

It’s Monica’s first week. So, I feel obligated to post this as a nice gesture. (I liked it. Okay? I liked it.)

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

Honey badger don’t care.

Brendan Gahan: (@BrendanGahan): Between Two Ferns – Tila Tequila and Jen Aniston

“Sound familiar, Jennifer?”


See you next Friday.

Now Trending at Mekanism (Jan 31st – Feb 4th)
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I think the only really important thing to recap this week is this:

If you aren’t Kenneth Cole, you’re doing okay.

This is what’s trending at Mekanism this week.

Chin Lu (@ChinHuaLu): I am a Hong Kong Girl with 公主病 (Gung Jyuh Behng)

Happy Chinese New Year! Kinda. Ok this has nothing to do with that but it’s pretty funny.

Aaron Sanchez (@AVSinSF): Four Loko Vineyards

Priceless. Nailed it.

Ryan Lee (@owlsquid): Party In The Mouth

This is really a trend right now. I don’t even know what to say.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Koala Eating an Apple

Just a Koala. Eatin’ an apple.

Brendan Gahan: (@BrendanGahan): No More Monkey’s

I don’t know what’s funnier: the fact that Brendan sent a video of himself to me as his “trending on the internet” pick…

Or the fact that that kid goes on to become the director of our social media department.

See you all next Friday.