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Tony Benna All Fancy-Like in IdN
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We totally know that guy.

Our director Tony Benna graces the cover of IdNv18n1.

Which sounds like a file name on our server. But instead it’s an amazing write-up on tactile design.

And Tony. Congrats, Mr. Benna. This is awesome.

Now Trending at Mekanism (Mar 14th – Mar 18th)
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There are so many Friday, Friday, Friday jokes that I find myself speechless.

This is what’s trending at Mekanism this week.

Christine Ngo (@ChristineNgo): 5 year Old Needs A Job Before Getting Married

This is up there with “I LOVE MY MOM, I LOVE MY LIFE…”

Chin Lu (@chinhualu): Cat Plays Fetch With Baby

Babies + Cats = Internet Goldmine.

Daisy Cheng (@daise): Leprechaun in Mobile, AL

It was St. Patrick’s Day. We’re aware how old this is. But c’mon. It’s still wildly hilarious.

Brendan Gahan (@BrendanGahan): Rebecca “Black Friday”

Someone had to post it. You knew that.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Child Terrified of Mom Blowing Nose

And we leave you with the memory of when crap like this still surprised you. It was awesome being a baby.

See you next Friday.

SXSWi Panel With Famous People We Like
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I wasn’t there personally, but I hear that Robert Rodriguez casually dropped that he shared the Machete webfilm with J.J. Abrams and “Quentin”…which…the fanboy in me is pretty much blown away by how great that is.

The panel, with the filmmaker noted above, Danny Trejo, Mek’s Ian Kovalik and PepsiCo Brand manager Jamal Henderson went swimmingly. Thanks so much to all who attended, we really appreciated it. Below are some great shots from the event.