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Now Trending at Mekanism (April 18th – April 22nd)
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In a surprising turn of events this week, not one person from Mek’s social media department sent in a video of a funny baby or a cat. Including myself!

I guess we win at… something. It’s the little things.

This is what’s trending at Mekanism this week.

Chin Lu (@chinhualu): Christian Pole Dancing

No, seriously. It’s called “On Knees For Jesus.” So. Yeah. This exists.

Drew Hoolhorst (@drewber): Rolling Through The Bay

I mean, I know this guy has WAY too much time on his hands. Namely 35 years worth of too much time. But this is f*%king incredible.

Daisy Cheng (@daise): Keenan Cahill & The SF Giants

We’re from San Francisco. We’re allowed to love this. Plus, Keenan’s famous.

Christine Ngo (@ChristineNgo): Karmin Music Does Chris Brown

It’s adorable when people who aren’t Chris Brown sing Chris Brown songs. Because then there’s not that whole awkward part where you like it and realize you like music by the guy who throws chairs and does bad things to women.

Evan Romano (@ROMSKIII): Symmetry

Definitely my favorite one this week.

See you next Friday.

Now Trending at Mekanism (April 11th – April 15th)
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Here’s a depressing/amazing statistic:

Roughly 100 million people have gotten down with Rebecca Black on Friday (Friday!).

Roughtly 66 million people voted for the current president of the USA.

So. Yeah.

This is what’s trending at Mekanism this week.

Chin Lu (@chinhualu): What If Cats Had Thumbs?

Any animal that does not have opposable thumbs would be hilarious with opposable thumbs. It’s just a fact.

Brendan Gahan (@BrendanGahan): 3 Guys 1 Board

Oh look. Brendan sent a surfing video. Shocker. (but…it’s pretty cool.)

Elijah Bilotta (@frodoBKK): 2 Year Old Wakes Up Rapping

C’mon. That’s just plain adorable.

Daisy Cheng (@daise): Baby singing Baby


Ryan Lee (@owlsquid): Office Prank Gone Wrong

When a prank is done right, there is honestly nothing better. I mean. Ever.

See you next Friday.

The Influence Project, The Webbys, and You.
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Hi there.

We made a website with Fast Company called The Influence Project.

It’s up for a Webby Award. And that award is called a “People’s Voice” award.

We’re hoping that voice (even though you don’t have to literally say anything or whatever) is you. Be a pal, click on the huge picture below OR this entire run-on sentence because it is also a link to the place where you can vote.

We’d really appreciate it. Thank you for all that you do, internet.