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We Need A Client Strategy Coordinator.
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It’s also probably not in your best interest to call it “strat.” That’s just us giving you a nice little head start if you were nice enough to read this sentence.

Seriously though.

Please read the posting for our Client Strategy Coordinator position here.

Bad Posture
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Our own Malcolm Murray just finished his first narrative feature film, Bad Posture.

We could say a bunch of really nice things, but we’re like his Mom and like anything he does.

However, these critics below are not his Mom, and they still said really nice things.

Congrats, Malcolm.

“The first thing you notice about “Bad Posture” is that it’s unstudiedly cool: laid-back, observant and rather shady, it cares so little for your attention that you can’t stop watching. Mr. Murray’s first narrative project proceeds with an insider confidence that belies his inexperience and that of his collaborators…. Mr. Murray creates a beguiling, visually rich canvas. In interviews he describes his film as a romance, but it’s not the one we think: the real passion here is between the director and his hometown.”

Jeanette Catsoulis, THE NEW YORK TIMES


“A calmly assured, generally delightful narrative debut… There are rarely movies about friendship and boyhood’s dying light (and eternal spirit) as generally effervescent as Mr. Murray’s….Bad Posture contains worlds of rich texture and character interaction, or, for lack of a better word, community. While watching it, one almost expects many of the colorful cast of Albuquerque outcasts who make up the supporting players to walk off the screen and start talking to you over 40s and blunts. In fact, I really wish they would.”



“Immaculately shot misconduct… it’s hard not to admire such a drolly off-kilter pass at the domestic regionalist indie.”

Benjamin Mercer, THE VILLAGE VOICE


“Filled with some of the driest, sometimes almost undetectable dark humor I have ever seen in a film.”

Jeff Berg, LOCAL IQ


“A nuanced, visually inventive vista of young life in Albuquerque. Violence and crime are in the air at all times, but the moments of greatest tension are handled with an ethereal grace that is part comic nihilism and part hopeful dream.”

Mark Elijah Rosenberg, ROOFTOP FILMS


“leisurely, deadpan hilarious, sneakily ambitious”



For more information, you can check out the film at their internet web devices here:

Look Mom, we’re in the Wall Street Journal.
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Read the article right here discussing our work with 20th Century Fox for Rise of the Planet of the Apes.