Meet A Mekanista: Chin Lu
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Here’s Chin, Digital Influence Coordinator and fashionista. Her 5-inch heels can be heard around the office. To be honest, it’s kind of alarming how fast she can move in those things.

Q: How did you get your start?

A: I’ve always wanted to work in marketing. According to my grandma, I’ve yelled at particularly terrible TV commercials since I was 10 years old. She thought I had problems.

Q: What sparked your interest in what you do now?

A: I love stories! I used to make them up to tell my friends. I love advertising because it’s storytelling in a short form, but it is just as powerful.

I’m also a really good consumer. That helps.

Q: What mental exercises keep you fresh?

A: I read lots of blogs to stay on top of what’s new and cool. I also pay close attention to what my friends post on Facebook and Twitter. Other than that, I change hobbies often. Right now I’m all about boxing and volunteering at the SF SPCA.

Q: What was your first day like?

A: The day I accepted the offer to be an intern here, someone told me I should come by the office Halloween party. I showed up (the only person not in costume) and was told to take shots.

Q: What surprised you about Mekanism?

A: This is going to be a vain answer: I love that I can wear whatever I want. I can get all dolled up with a body-con dress with 5-inch heels one day, then no makeup, super casual, with flip flops the next. No one cares what you wear here because it doesn’t affect the work you churn out.

What Chin wore to work today... Just kidding. This is her Bay to Breakers outfit.

Q: Any thoughts on emerging media?

A: What keeps new media exciting is its unpredictability. Each time a new platform becomes big or an existing one changes its format, the rules are rewritten and everyone tries to figure out how to win the new game. Nothing stays the same for long.

Q: What is Mekanism’s secret?

A: I think we still have that black sheep mentality. No idea is too crazy to bring up in this office. We’re here because deep down we are too weird for any other place.


First photo: Jorge Ayala at La Pink One and @SergiosDaddy

Second photo: Instagram @ChinHuaLu

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