Now Trending at Mekanism: Tumblrs Edition
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I don’t know about your office, but here at Mekanism, we share our favorite Internet finds with each other very often. Being on top of what’s trending online is an important part of our jobs, so we never feel guilty spending time on such matters… At least that’s what I tell my supervisor when he catches me watching a video of a baby singing with a dancing cat to the song allegedly leaked from Kanye West’s new album.

Today we’re sharing our favorite Tumblrs. Enjoy!

If you watched the news or were online in any shape or form this Wednesday night:

If you have no idea what it’s about, please look it up or ask the person nearest to you.


When you can’t seem to find the right words (submitted by everyone at Mekanism and their intern):
Banish the phrase “it was just like…you know…” with this Tumblr that put the animated .gifs in your mouth.


If you work at an advertising agency and you want to explain a work situation (submitted by everyone at Mekanism, giggling for “no reason”):
Forward this Tumblr to your friends who also work at ad agencies for instant inside jokes. Forward this Tubmlr to your friends who don’t to subtly hint that your job is so much cooler than theirs.


If you want to creep out your friends who have cats (submitted by Elijah @FrodoBKK):
Think about it, man. Cats walk silently and they’re curious creatures. It must have happened at least once by now. Just saying.


When you look into the innocent eyes of your dog and think “he seems so human sometimes” (submitted by @BrendanGahan):
You totally knew it! There are other dogs out there who are just as smart as your dog!


When your super fashionable friend with good genes says “I’m never having kids. They’ll cramp my style” (submitted by Richard @BoyShapedBox):
This should make your womb/loin go “aww” and feel embarrassed about what you wore when you were a kid.


When your overachieving Type A friend needs a little pick-me-up (submitted by @Dan_Abramson):
Besides the incredible story of how the creators met Hillary Clinton in person, this Tumblr is so witty and sarcastic that it’s able to successfully make a crack at another powerfully popular Tumblr Feminist Ryan Gosling. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to do a little sassy snap.


When you just need some hipster softcore porn (submitted by @RossWolinsky and Daisy @Daise):

Who needs moving images when you can read a couple lines of well-chosen words and look at a picture of Justin Vernon? Best when letting Justin Vernon’s soothingly deep voice croon to you at the same time.


When you need another conspiracy theory (submitted by Mary @gunandagirl):
Holy crap. How come no one else noticed this before?!


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  1. Nick Faber Says:

    Great list. As a long-time fan of ad nauseum humor (see: Wonder Showzen), I’m giddy that the animated GIF has gone mainstream.

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