Dark Arts And Pixie Dust
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“We’re on TV!” – Mekanism

Never one to shy away from a challenge, earlier this year, Jason Harris (President & CEO of Mekanism) promised ABC News’ Dan Harris we could make him “go viral.” Dozens of meetings, a twelve-camera bullet time rig, and one hugely successful cat video later, the story of how we got it all done aired on ABC’s Nightline on Monday, June 25.

Check out the full segment here, which includes a slow-motion walk-off by Mekanism’s partners:

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As clients often are, Dan was initially shocked by some of our ideas for the video. But he understood going viral hinged on that extra hook that grabs viewers’ attention and convinces them not only to watch but to pass along the video. Without defaming Dan or painting him as a cat hoarder, we managed to find that right kind of catchiness in a PSA for the ASPCA starring George, the “Hovercat.” Watch it here:

Hovercat on YouTube

It’s good to produce work for a great cause like pet adoption. And thankfully, not all videos promoting the ASPCA have to be tearjerkers to be effective.

Dan: “Were you nervous the thing wouldn’t come off?”
Jason: “Yes. Yes, I was.”

It’s not like he knew Ryan Seacrest would tweet about it.

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