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Since we are a creative agency full of creative people, we put everyone at Mekanism to the test and initiated the One Thing. During our company meetings, each person presents the one thing that has been blowing their minds. Without being limited by more criteria than that, the presentations are all unique and deeply personal. Most of us speak for longer than the prescribed 90 seconds, since these are things that inspire us. It’s easy to get carried away. We hear phrases like “Fuck yeah!” A lot.

For your enjoyment, Mekanism presents the first collection of One Things:

Tommy + Glenn O'Brien

Tommy Means + Glenn O'Brien                        Photo: http://vimeo.com/19764284#

Tommy Means (Founding Partner / Director)

Glenn O’Brien. Obscure Yet Legendary Ad Man

Glenn O’Brien is a strange ad man responsible for the super perverted and awesome Calvin Klein porno ads with Kate Moss. In 1970 he started working for Andy Wharhol as the assistant editor of Interview Magazine and later as bureau chief of Roll­ing Stone. He then started an obscure cable TV show called “Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party” that featured artists, musicians and cultural freaks from the New York downtown scene in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He went on to become a creative director for Barney’s, Calvin Klein, Madonna and Harper’s Bazaar. He has influenced you and you don’t even know it and he is blowing my mind.


Caroline + Sleep No More

Caroline Moncure + Sleep No More                        Photo: http://www.nytimes.com

Caroline Moncure (Senior Client Strategist)

Sleep No More. Hitchcock + Kubrick + Macbeth

An immersive, mind-bending, “moveable orgy” produced by Stagecraft in the space of three abandoned warehouses in Chelsea. Visitors wear Venetian carnival-style masks, are broken up from their party, forbidden to speak, and told to wander the dark, 1920’s “hotel” and experience a story roughly based on Macbeth through actors, dancers and insanely, insanely detailed sets.



Mandi + Ray

Mandi Ginsburg + Ray Kurzweil            Photo: www.thebolditalic.com + www.kurzweilai.net/

Mandi Ginsburg (Social Media Project Manager)

Ray Kurzweil

A child prodigy who has invented technologically advanced ma­chines since he was 13 (e.g., software for IBM and the first computer­ized reader for the blind), Ray Kurzweil has become one of the foremost theorists of technological advancement. Really a futurist, he’s known for his controversial idea of ‘Singularity’ – the point at which artificial intelligence and biological humans become one. After plotting accelerated and exponential growth, he claims that ‘Singularity’ will happen as early as 2045.

Mia + Pentametron

Mia Andersen + Pentametron

Mia Andersen (Producer)


Pentametron creates sonnets out of Tweets. Pentametron takes each of the 30-60 tweets it receives each second, and looks up each word in a dictionary that lists the stress patterns of every word. If the rhythm of all the words put together adds up to iambic pentameter, Pentametron considers the tweet a possible rhyme.

Stelio + Eli

Stelio Kitrilakis + Eli

Stelio Kitrilakis (Executive Producer)

Eli. SF Office Dog

How could it be anything else? He’s reached a groove someplace between Mahatma Ghandi and Hugh Hefner. He never sweats the small stuff, never tries to be some­one he isn’t, enjoys every moment, girls love him and he’s always naked.

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