Our First E3 Experience
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Last week was Mekanism’s first official attendance of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Growing up playing video games with my older brother, it was really hard for me not to squeal with excitement in front of our clients from GREE.

So proud to see our video on the biggest screen at GREE’s E3 booth!

Since I was only at E3 for one day and had merely 45 minutes of free time, I made good use of my 4-inch heels by speed-walking through the two major exhibition halls. Here are my main thoughts about the convention:

1. More cosplaying booth babes, please!

Where do they get those outfits?!

I definitely saw a lot of gorgeous women wearing branded t-shirts, but was disappointed by the low turnout of full-on costumes. Later, Mekanism’s own Tom Lyons showed off pictures he took of ladies dressed as various video game characters, proving that I was simply not looking hard enough.

2. E3 attendees are very willing to wait.

Look at the concentration on their faces!

Eager to try out games that were most likely not released to the public, queues were long enough to make the average person lose interest entirely, but the crowds at E3 wait patiently for their turns.

There were also booths that were completely closed off, so long lines formed while a limited number of people watched something presumably awesome that I didn’t have time for inside.

3. E3 attendees are super excited about games and proud to be gamers.

Who needs Mickey Mouse when you have Master Chief?

There was giddy camaraderie in the air. Probably because if there’s one place that not only embraces geekiness, nerdom, and pwnage but celebrates those things, it is E3.


An exciting day of overstimulation at E3 deserves an excellent after party. Naturally we saw world-renowned DJ Girl Talk perform at the GREE party. Sorry if you missed it, because this is the only appropriate photo we can share:

If GREE were a dessert, it would be cupcakes: mobile and fun

Of course, we’ve got footage of a few Mekanistas dancing alongside stars of YouTube, but you’ll have to find it yourself.


Dear E3,

Thank you so much for a great first-time experience.

We’ll be back.

<3 Mekanism


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