Meet A Mekanista: Julie Boddorff
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Welcome to another installment of Meet a Mekanista.

This week we celebrate our esteemed colleague and well-loved HR Coordinator, Julie Boddorff (pronounced like “dog barf”).

Note: While the writer realizes those words may not help you to say her last name without vile imagery, readers should know that Julie introduces herself this way.

Officially labeled a “hipster” after a still from this short film by Brian Williams appeared in print:

Julie came to our San Francisco office from the pages of “Look At This F*cking Hipster” (a real book) by way of Maryland. She taught art to toddlers in a past life, which lead to her insane ability to wrangle and help the adult-children of Mekanism figure out their shit.

While her main role here involves boring stuff like payroll and benefits, Julie embodies the spirit of the agency. She has made appearances in a lot of Mekanism’s shoots: repeatedly jumping barefoot onto ripe bananas, belly flopping on a mattress face-first from the top of a ladder, and doing other things that would make another HR coordinator think twice.

Julie Dog Barf

photo: Jorge Ayala, La Pink One

Being tirelessly enthusiastic all day doesn’t stop Julie from studying woodworking and interior design on her own time. Julie recently built a coffee table of her own design.

Julie is also an incomparable party planner. With the help of our Social Committee, she has made the legendary Mekanism holiday parties what they are. She is without a doubt one of those behind-the-scenes people who makes everything run smoothly with little thanks and a big smile on her face.

Did I mention she has great hair?

Julie Great Hair

photo: Jorge Ayala, La Pink One

When asked what it is that makes Mekanism such a special place to work, she replied, “I guess it’s not a secret that we party really hard.”

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