One Things! Part Deux
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Since Mekanism is a creative agency full of creative people, we put everyone to the test and initiated the One Thing. These are the things that are blowing our minds. The things that make us say Fuck Yeah!

This is the second installment of Mekanism’s One Thing:

Jessi + Amy

Jessi Goldstein + Amy Palmiero-Winters

Jessi Goldstein (Finance):

This is Amy Palmiero-Winters, a 39-year-old below-knee amputee who currently holds eleven world records in various track events. In July 2011, she became the first female amputee ever to complete the 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon. While her many physical accomplish­ments are incredible, what I find the most inspiring is her attitude.

“Yes, bad things can happen, but what counts is how you deal with it. The loss of my leg will never change, but feeling bad won’t change anything either. I have been given a gift, and I feel it’s important to get out there and show the world what can be done.”

Pretty badass for someone who was told she would never run again.

Daisy + Mark

Daisy Cheng + Mark Rothko

Daisy Cheng (Digital Influence Coordinator):

Mark Rothko’s paintings are the One Thing that inspires me. When I first encountered his paintings at an art museum, I didn’t expect a painting with a couple of blended colors to emotionally affect me, but it did. Rothko was an abstract painter who was most famous for his large color block paintings. He wanted them to evoke the most basic human emotions and cre­ate an intimate and intense experience. It wasn’t until later in his career that he created such paintings and saw the power of strip­ping down his ideas.

He believed: Simplicity –> Clarity –> Being Understood

I try to live my life with the same concept in mind, producing work that is simple yet effective.


Elijah + Girls

Elijah Bilotta + KPop

Elijah Bilotta (Social Media Supervisor):

I have been a fan of K-pop since 2008 when I first discovered the Wonder Girls on YouTube. Some of my favorite groups are T-ARA, Girl’s Generation, 2NE1, 4 Minute, Girl’s Day, Sistar, After School, and Su­per Junior.

During our Rise of the Apes promotion, there were only a handful of videos that stayed on the Top Viewed YouTube charts as long as “Ape with an AK-47.” One of those was Hyuna (an original member of the Wonder Girls) with her hit single Bubble Pop. It has 23 million views to date despite promotion being cut short by the Korea Broadcasting and Communications Review Committee for being too “sexually explicit.”

You can fol­low my adventures in K-pop on Pinterest.

Emmett + UVA

Emmett + United Visual Artists

Emmett Feldman (Design Director):

UVA is an interactive art and design practice based in London.

They create work at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, live performance, moving image and digital installation. Key aspects of their projects include minimal light/sound sculptures installed in old world architectural environments.

The synthesis of hi-tech and historic creates a unique experience that is equally humanistic and divine.

Edward + Snuff

Edward Schmidt IV + Snuff Box

Edward Schmidt:

Snuff Box was a short lived BBC Three sketch comedy show from 2006. It lasted one season, and had six episodes.

It stars Matt Berry who plays the “High Executioner to the King of England” and Rich Fulcher, an American who plays the “Assistant to the Hangman”. Most episodes takes place in a Gentlemen’s Club for Hangmen, where they drink whiskey while moving the loose plot forward and working in reoccurring characters. The show is very dark and often deals with issues of looniness, betrayal and jealousy. The shows theme song is weaved into every episode, and is often featured in sketches.

Matt Berry

Here is a picture of Matt Berry. He wrote all of the music from the show, and is the main creative voice through out the series. You can watch every episode on YouTube and Netflix. You can kill the entire series in less amount of time than it takes to watch Das Boot or Fantasia.

The reason this is my Thing is that even though this is TV show, I find myself putting on episodes like they are songs. There is something about the characters that I find hilarious no matter how many times I’ve seen each episode.

Matt Berry is pure gold throughout the show. I weirdly want to be him.

Episode 1: Snuff Box

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