What Everyone Should Know After VidCon 2012
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Mekanism is no stranger to VidCon. The conference dedicated to online videos invited our Social Media Director, Brendan Gahan to speak in 2011, and Mekanism was a proud sponsor this time around.

Two of Mekanism’s partners, Tommy Means (Founder and Executive Creative Director) and Jason Harris (CEO and President) gave the closing keynote speech to an industry audience. They were followed by some exciting announcements from YouTube.

What every YouTuber should know:

  1. YouTube’s new “Video Creation Marketplace” will cut out the middle man (*uneasy cough*) and allow brands and YouTubers to speak directly about creating promotional content together. While this has not launched yet, we’re very interested in the outcome.
  2. YouTube is asking content creators to submit “trailers”. It is unclear where these will be shown or whether YouTube plans to pick a few selects or produce a compilation. We think it’s a great idea, nonetheless.
  3. TrueView, giving viewers the option to skip a commercial after a few seconds, has worked incredibly well for everyone despite initial skepticism from advertisers. Of course, matching ads with relevant videos content or similar target audiences also helps a lot.
  4. Taking a hint from Instagram and Hipstamatic, YouTube will include color and style filters that video creators can apply to uploaded content.
  5. YouTube is now rewarding partners. Having 1 million channel subscribers on YouTube now means your “Play” button will turn GOLD. These partners will receive a physical golden-plated replica, as well as other gifts at lower subscriber levels.
  6. Right now only top tier YouTube partners have the right to create customized thumbnails for their videos. Soon this feature will be extended to everyone. Equality!
  7. YouTube is updating their publishing capabilities. Moving forward, publish dates will reflect when the video goes from private to public, instead of when it was uploaded. This means no more 5 AM upload parties.
  8. Three YouTube Next Lab studios are in the works. Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London will each be home to production spaces available free for YouTube partners.
  9. A competition for “YouTube’s Next Comic” is coming soon. Can’t wait to see the finalists!

Jason moderating a panel that included our clients from Method & Pepsi and YouTube stars: iJustine, KassemG, and Dane Boe (Annoying Orange).

Overall, the atmosphere at VidCon was remarkably altruistic and relaxed. Panel attendees asked very specific questions about technical concerns and monetizing content on YouTube, and everyone seemed happy to share and help others succeed.

Best of all, the crowd proved to be a very intriguing mix of industry folks, established YouTubers, aspiring YouTube stars, and teenage fans, which made for some interesting “networking” opportunities indeed…

Don’t forget: what happens at VidCon, stays on YouTube.

The Mekanism crew hard at work (Reminder: Someone photoshop Tommy in).


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  1. ChannelMeter Says:

    Great summary. Along with #7, don’t forget the bulk annotations. Many of our users are stoked for this time saving feature.

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