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Now Trending At Mekanism: Instagram Edition
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The other day I spotted a teenage girl on CalTrain, giggling to herself for a long, long time. You romantic types might think, “Awww, she’s in love.” But, no.

She was using Instagram. Taking photos of herself repeatedly. Trying to capture herself in a perfectly natural je-ne-sais-quoi-what-I’m-smiling-about moment. Pondering the merits of her pics using various filters. And finally, uploading one lucky picture for everyone to see.

While I didn’t offer to help take her picture, I enjoyed witnessing the captivating power of this social media tool. So today we’re sharing some of our favorite Instagram accounts. Stalk these people, please.

Fairytale/reality TV show couple: Emily Maynard @emilygmaynard & Jef Holm @jefholm from the Bachelorette (submitted by Meagan Cotruvo)

Even for someone like me who doesn’t watch the show, their pictures are still enticing because (1) Um, she looks like a real life-size Barbie and (2) Ooh! Maybe I can detect signs of their ineivtable break up in their Instagrams! Bitterness aside, the duo should be posting photos that are worthy of being stills from romantic comedies.


Fabulous fashionable gay couple: Christian Ciriano @csiriano from Project Runway & Brad Walsh @bradwalsh (submitted by @CaryCodes)

Arguably the most successful Project Runway winner, Christian lives with long-time boyfriend musician/photographer Brad in NYC, which means their Instagrams are filled with: fashion, celebrity apperances such as Heidi Klum and Courtney Love, and adorable couple-ly pictures. Did I mention that they also got a puppy recently?


Professional photographer specializing in Instagram format and “iPhonegraphy”: Koci Hernadez @koci (submitted by @Dan_Ambramson)

Yeah, I didn’t think this was a thing now either, but the photos are quite convincing.


Hot ladies with tattoos and cool hair: Suicide Girls @suicidegirls (submitted by Elijah Bilotta)

Basically the PG-13 version of the real thing. Sundies (girls in undies on Sundays) and Thigh High Thursdays, y’all.


Rich Kids Of Instagram (Submitted by Mary Evangelista @gunandagirl)

This is technically a Tumblr that posts choice photos from different Instagram accounts, but you know- these wealthy teenagers pay a little extra for the special treatment.


America through the eyes of a surfer traveling across the nation in a van: Foster Huntington from A Restless Transplant @fosterhunting (Submitted by Daisy Cheng @daise)

Teasers for his actual photography blog, and another way to keep tabs on your future husband, according to Daisy.


Coolest mom ever: Danielle Hampton from Sometimes Sweet @danihampton (Submitted by me @ChinHualu)

In a nut shell, Dani’s photos make motherhood and being married look really, really fun and not scary at all.


Enjoy everybody!  And to that Instragramming gal on CalTrain, let us know how the pic turned out.