Where Would You Go If You Could Time Travel?
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Recently we helped take people back to 1940, the era of WWII, Rosie the Riveter, and swing. This nifty app even includes a face uploader, so you can see yourself in photos back in the day. Here’s a video that previews the magic of the 1940 Time Machine:

Feel free to check out the “Time Machine” yourself to see what your life would have been like in 1940.

On that note, I asked my brilliant coworkers where they would like to time travel. Below are their dream time destinations.

Sean Cosier: “Naples, Italy, 1889 – The first pizza was served with what is now the traditional combo of tomato, mozzarella, basil and olive oil. It was served to a queen, and she liked it because it had all the colors of the Italian flag… I am Irish, but I really like pizza.”

Kate Dubose: “I’d time travel to Twin Pines mall at 1:15 am October 26, 1985 to keep Doc Brown from getting shot.” (Note: I actually asked Kate if Doc Brown was a rapper… Embarrassing.)

Jason Harris: “I would go back in time to 1976 when Mick Jones first saw the Sex Pistols in a tiny bar in London. It inspired him to form The Clash: ‘The Only Band That Matters.'”

Tom Lyons: “I would go back to April 14, 1865, so I could karate chop the shit out of John Wilkes Booth and save President Lincoln.”

Eric Zuncic: “The Renaissance. We knew so little about so much that people were learning groundbreaking new things every day.”

Dan Abramson: “I would travel back to an upscale 1920s speakeasy. Fancy bathtub cocktails, zoot suits, girls experimenting with provocative dresses. It would even more fun to drink illegally back then, even than before I was 21.”

Monica Fineis: “Whatever time period where corsets were popular. They seem more effective than Spanx.”

Mary Evangelista: “Stone Age. Yabadabadoo.”


Bon voyage, everyone. Remember what Mom said, “Safety first!”



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