Clicks + Beeps : “Your Face!” Edition
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Today we’re introducing a new series co-written by our Creative Technologist, Sean Cosier.

I know, what the @#%^ does that mean, right? Sean has an impressive and eclectic background in architecture, design, flash, iOS, UX/UI/IA and other acronyms that you probably don’t know. At Mekanism, Sean takes the ideas that make people say “Wow, that sounds really awesome, but how the hell are we going to make that?” and brings them to life.

Sean also keeps us in the loop on cool new technologies that would be epic to use for our work one day, and we thought we’d share some of our favorites. Get inspired, people!


Real time video interaction is all the rage right now: Skype, Google+ Hang Out, accidentally sending a video request to the wrong AIM buddy, etc. Even the porn industry is doing it.

But to go one step further in live video, the technology of Facial Recognition is brought in. What if the camera can detect the user’s face and pinpoints their facial features for manipulation while maintaining expressions? That sure would make web cam chats a whole lot more interesting, but the possibilities are endless.

Here are two mind-blowing examples:



Faces from arturo castro on Vimeo.

Want to trick a cyber date into thinking you look like Brad Pitt? Or maybe you’ve been wondering how Mike Tyson’s cheek tattoo will affect his Blue Steel look. This image mapping and substitution technique can help.


You know those avatar makers where you can create a cartoon version of yourself? This is that on crack.  Here you can make a customized character who displays the same facial expressions and movements as you in real time. We’re guessing this would be great for the witness protection program or any anonymous sources who’d really like you to understand the emotions behind their words.



That’s it for today. The nonsense comeback “YOUR FACE!” just might take on a whole new meaning very soon.


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